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This is a big topic for us - we want to be sure that Gwent is fun to play and fun to watch - making sure that for example animations give you information even when you dont know the card is the way to go an HS does this very well. We are doing our best to make it a cool experience to watch.
Not sure if you are the right person for "Marketing"-related things, but if you DO plan to stream Gwent or any other game in the future, could you do that on your cdpr Twitch channel? I have never seen the channel in use and I remember a few streams before the release of TW3 and HoS on the channel of , but it seems like many people (back then) didn't understood that it was a quite "official" stream, because not all people know that gog and cdpr are from the cdp group, so not that many people watched the streams (espacialy for the HoS gameplay) :D
We have plans to utilize CD PROJEKT RED's twitch channel in the future by showing Gwent content on it. Rest assured, the time will come.:)
Ready Yourself for the Closed Beta with

Together with the people over at Curse Gaming we created - the community-powered GWENT card database. There you can find all the latest news about the game, get extensive insight into GWENT cards, and start working on your decks and strategies right now thanks to a comprehensive deck builder available on the website.

Visit our friends over at and remember to sign up for the GWENT Closed Beta if you haven’t already. We’re waiting for you!
Gwent in the CE and limited editions was never meant to be used in competitive play - it is a collectors item. There are a number of problems we would have to address to be have a shot at tournament rules - we are focusing at making Gwent stand alone a good competitive game :)
First of all we are super flattered that someone would put their hard work in to making Gwent for other people to enjoy. That being said Gwent is our IP and there can only be one. The primary reason for this is that it creates confusion - if people search for Gwent they might find the fan operated version and the official one - they play the fan one and make up their mind based on that.
Also this brings another topic like - what if they display commercials on the site etc? They have server cost etc that they want to cover but there is no way for us to verify that.
For fans and from Fans is cool as a general rule but we cannot let someone monetize our hard work without our consent.
Another point is that legally speaking we have to protect our intellectual property - we are a stock exchange company and there are obligations and rules we need to apply.

I hope this help in understanding our stand on this.
The monetization model will be quite simple:
- you can buy card packs (with 5 cards and one guaranteed rare or better with a choice of 3 cards of the same high rarity). You can of course buy packs for GOLD that you earn by playing the game
- single player campaigns (after the beta)

So after the testing period we might add more elements like vanity but for now that would be it.
Open Letter from Marcin Iwiński

Hey everyone!

As I hope many of you have heard, CD PROJEKT RED announced GWENT: The Witcher Card Game at this year’s E3. Aside from the fact that we were finally able to shout out that we’re working on an awesome game, this was a special moment for us because of one more thing -- we could say THANKS to a very special group of people who made GWENT possible: you.

Please allow me to say that one more time: I would like to thank all Wild Hunt / GWENT fans for supercharging us to make GWENT: The Witcher Card Game happen. Supercharging is a pretty good word, because the flood of emails, calls, forum posts, and everything else was simply crazy. There was a moment that literally everything was beeping, buzzing, vibrating and otherwise communicating one idea: GWENT or nothing. I mean, over 40 fan-made versions of GWENT were created, people printed their own cards, made real wooden playing boards -- positive madness.

So, here we are. We’ve taken all that heart and energy you gave us and put it into GWENT. If you enjoyed it in Wild Hunt, I think I don’t have to convince you to sign up for the upcoming beta (it starts in September for PC and Xbox One, PlayStation 4 will join the battlefield a bit later), but if you never tried the game, there’s no better time -- go to and sign up. When it launches, play it and tell us what you like and what you don’t like; tell us what we should change and improve. You wanted us to make the game, now we’re kindly asking you to help us make it truly yours.

Thank you one more time!

Marcin Iwiński,
Co-founder of CD PROJEKT