1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

GamersNexus reported a bug with settings. In summary, presets are broken, set your graphics settings manually.

Timestamped to 9:20.

Because the map work just fine before.

The flaw in this logic, is that Race Conditions are a thing,

Bad client code can work 99% of the time on a static system with no changes, but one change in an area of code that the Buggy code is relying on can bring the house down, in this case it looks like a resource barrier just didn't work for those affected.

If this were a driver bug in most cases it would affect every single RTX user playing the game on this new driver, because visual type driver bugs are usually not race condition based (you're not even allowed to use imprecise floating math in kernel drivers), rather the race condition would manifest in a manner of system stability. (IE, game freezes because X resource was missing when Y looked for it because a double free occured)

This issue doesn't manifest across all systems though, nvidia users the word "may" in its internal bug entry because it doesn't trigger 100% of the time, which is classic for a client side race condition.

Edit - And also that on the Nvidia 522.25 drivers feedback page (which means that Nvidia is already aware that the map issue is due to the drivers)

This means nvidia is tracking a bug that has been reported and that have atleast one reproduction on it internally on the current game code and driver,
it does not imply it is the driver that is the cause, and it isn't the first and will not be the last time that they track an issue caused by a buggy game client, nor the first time that a driver update, has revealed flaws in a game.

For example, the underwater geometric flickering in Assassins Creed is caused by incorrect configuration of buffers (two buffers that should be the exact same dimensions as required by the spec, are not).

This game spits out thousands of errors with the debug layer attached.
If this were a driver bug in most cases it would affect every single RTX user playing the game on this new driver,
I could be wrong, but as far as I know, every Nvidia users which have updated their drivers to 522.25, have the map "corrupted" to quote Nvidia :)
(at least, I don't see anyone who have a Nvidia GPU who said : "nope, everything work fine on my side")

It was the same with AMD and black characters at the time... Everyone which have a RX 400/500 encountered it. And AMD fixed it, not CDPR.
Like I said, we'll see. But I'm pretty confident that Nvidia will fix it in the next drivers version, not CDPR :)

That doesn't absolve CDPR from fixing issues from their end, it just remasks the issue possibly with a performance reduction along with it.

There will likely be a hotfix driver that does just that however, and some conversation between nvidia and cdpr behind the scenes to identify and employ corrective measures.
I cant yet make separate thread so I will post here as a bug report.

There is no sound playing if you shatter glass windows by melee attack. Also no sound if you are moving and jump and when you land from the jump there is no sound although if you are standing still and jump there is landing sound playing.
The quest triggering in this patch is still broken. Got to the point of no return without triggering Kerry, Rivers, and Judy's first quest. Panam only triggered her first one. Did not trigger the nomad's quest "these boots are made for walking" even though I'm literally at the last quest in the game. Also did not trigger Sandra Dorsett's quest, ozob's quest, the mayor's quest, and the quest of that guy who is gonna be executed, and you spend the last day with him. I didn't even get to trigger all cars from the fixers. And these are the things that I know that I didn't trigger maybe there is even more that I just never knew existed(such as ozob's quest that I only discovered because I watched a Youtube video)

I personally don't understand why you guys added triggers to "reduce the spam" of calling, and a lot of the important quests in this game really hard to trigger, I just lost a 40h+ nomad playthrough because I was not able to trigger the questlines so I can get the 3 achievements left. For any player reading this, don't do like me and do side content before the main quest because, for some reason, this game can't handle you not doing the main quest. What I'll try is to rush to the point of no return and pray that this time I actually trigger the quests.
1.6 Knee pads clipping when crouching

Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot 2022.10.14 -
I did everything to try to fix this but I keep getting this bug where my map is totally fucked. Any Fixes? The only thing I did was download and patch REDmod to the game cause I was thinking of using mods in the future but surely, that didn't brick my game??? I tried a fresh Save File, restarted my PC, my game as well, and nothing seems to work.


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NVIDIA acknowledged the problem and posted an official fix:

"A fix will be pushed to users PCs via an over the air update in the coming days."

I guess if you don't use Geforce Experience or if you want to manually install it now, here are the deets:

This is already a bit older than 1.6, but this poor guy threatens us with an invisible gun - which is especially confusing when V mentions the exact model of this "air gun".

Found a CTD bug when crafting, easy to reproduce:
Craft an iconic weapon to higher tier, click on "upgrade" tab, game crash.
Can confirm. This seems to happen most often when upgrading a Rare Iconic to an Epic, and then upgrading that Epic to Legendary. It always seems to CTD on the Epic > Legendary upgrade.

Is it possible that the game isn't properly registering the player "owns" that Epic Iconic without exiting the menu?
Haven't checked all 30 pages of this topic, but disappointed to find that numerous bugs I reported just after 1.5 still exist - these are on Series X:

Hair shadows still bugged, female hair options 1 and 2 look to be switched. Sometimes we go back to good old bald V shadow too.

In Ghost Town and beyond, Panam insists on walking around with an invisible sniper rifle.


Dashboard lights at nighttime seem to display incorrectly; first noticed with Quadras (gradient edges appear blocky) but I also noticed this whilst riding in Panam's Thorton too. Does not seem to be an issue with most other car types.

Also noted Cpl. William Hare's shotgun is invisible!

Johnny's placement in Automatic Love, particularly in the VIP area seems erratic. In 1.5 he would lean in thin air, sometimes not appear at all, and currently he's wanting to appear and start talking in Tom's booth before I even open the door.

Various other things like contextual sounds not occuring; kicking doors in, car doors, etc.
Are you also having problems with the inventory, probably because it is too full on PS5? Several items I had in my backpack have disappeared. In addition to an issue with scrolling in the inventory screen.

All my items are present in the Outfit section, yet almost all of them have disappeared from the backpack.

Has anyone had the same problem?
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Noticed issues with NCPD text and calls. New playthrough, got total of 2 calls(one of which stopped mid call), when I tried with texts only option I got no texts. No matter how close I get to NCPD emergency, there's no text nor call.

Also seems NPC cars no longer try to drive around your car if you leave it on the road, they just stay there doing nothing, change that I remember seeing and working in 1.5.
NVIDIA acknowledged the problem and posted an official fix:

"A fix will be pushed to users PCs via an over the air update in the coming days."

I guess if you don't use Geforce Experience or if you want to manually install it now, here are the deets:

Will I need nvidia experience to install automatically?
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