8.3 Patch notes

Kolgrim is still not OK. And yes, im specially pissed off after losing twice in a row against such decks, one mill the other clog.
GIving it less adrenaline doesnt matter, these toxic players commit everything R1, leader and go a card down, and then if you dont have an answer, they do 10-12 pts every turn, so it doesnt matter if you have 2 or 20 extra cards, since you wont be able to keep up.

The worst part is I DID have f---ing counters to Kolgrim, im changing my deck specially to avoid losing against these [...], do you know what happened against the first guy?

He milled 4 of my cards: my elf scenario and my Eldain (so my two strongest cards), but also my lock and my artefact compression (the 2 counters to Kolgrim BS).

R1 i know im not supposed to pass vs Mill, but i passed on 3 cards and was so far ahead. He used leader (Doublecross) and had to use all other 3 cards, and it TIED! So i went to final R2 with 6 cards and full leader, vs his 3 cards no leader. I actually played the pinging trap the turn he was gonna use Kolgrim, but because he played it through oneiro, the pings happened before, and Kolgrim sticked and he won. I cant remember a more disgusting moment ive had for a while, and ive had plenty of competition with so much playing ranked lately.

I think Kolgrim needs at least to be row locked. If Damien and Stefan got that treatment, and they cant get anywhere near the value of Kolgrim, then that stupid witcher must have more conditions too.

PS - nobody ask for Yrden reworks and nerfs while f***ing Kolgrim and Viy still exist in this state.
I totally agree please just nerf Kolgrim it's so annoying to play against. nobody will keep on playing for long with this sh** around.
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