A few small bugs

The eternal fire executioner armor does not have the Geralt hair clipping fix like many of the other armors in the game introduced in the next gen version. Tested with Geralt "long and loose" hair style.

For some reason, whenever a human enemy dies, their faces continuously move into some sort of grimace expression constantly even while dead. This has been persistent throughout my entire playthrough.

Boats still have some sort of physics/ clipping issue where the boat itself can get hung up and be unable to move, usually if near floating objects in the water. Geralt also has a hard time moving about the boat deck when not at the helm, as if blocked by some invisible barrier.

This is all on the GOG PC version with the latest hot fix and version installed.


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The second issue sounds like it could be emerging from the "HairWorks" setting...
Have you tried playing with it? Turning it off/on, messing with it, adjusting it?

The issue with the boats is weird, and I've never ever experienced it.
But then again, it HAS to be admitted and established that boat behaviour IS quite buggy, and not only in terms of their movement.
For example, you can't adjust their keys for control, such as movement or speeding up, like you can with Geralt and Roach.

ALSO, I'd rather really have a setting for boats where you can just TOGGLE slow/fast movement speed, like you can with Geralt,
rather than having to CONSTANTLY down-press a "sprint" key.

A few small bugs:

RT shadows are missing from some boxes and (flying) barrels.

Inventory Gerald (4K) has a lot of moire. The texture is low quality and has no anti-aliasing.

One small question for CDPR: will the next patch be ready for release soon? ;)


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