Any plans on fixing Gwent's technical state?

I don't know if there will be any patches to fix the game's technical issues in the Gwentfinity, but with the last patches being quite modest in regard to the balance fixes, maybe the devs plan to address the many small issues plaguing the game?

One of the oldest nuisances are the daily quests. They've received a slight rebalance (for the better, I think), but quests for playing specific cards still don't count them properly. At the same time, similar weekly quests work just fine. And there are still no daily quests for the SY faction. It's been there for, like, over 3 years already?

The there's an issue with the contracts. Last three journeys' contracts are not listed on the "Journey" contracts page, you have to look for them on the "All" page. And every time I complete all the journeys' contracts (or the "Complete the bundle of three journeys" one), to get the final reward, I have to perform a random song-and-dance routine of relaunching the game, switching between journeys. Are those triggers so hard to reign in?

One more issue for me is that the trinkets catalog is a mess. No filtering, no sorting. No search even. Maybe there is a way to create a Profile builder working similar o the deck builder?
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