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[BUG] Thronebreaker - puzzles are broken

1. Often a puzzle battle just freezes. I place a card, waiting for an enemy turn and nothing happens. Both i and enemy can't make a move. Music and animation play like normal though. Only forfeit.

2. If i lose, forfeit and want to load the game, next loading screen becomes infinity. (On attach file)

In fact, only alt-f4 almost every puzzle in the first 2 hours of playing


I have the exact same thing. It makes the game almost unplayable.
Did you find a solution?

Platform: GOG
Rx 580
intel i5-4440
8gb ram
installed on pny ssd 240gb
So “Catalyst Control Center -> Power -> Switchable graphics. You should be able to select High Performance for the game - this should make it use the Radeon card.” didn’t help?
For all special battles or puzzles, it seems the game becomes bugged when you view your deck. So try playing it without viewing your deck. Hope this helps.
+1 for Archan6el's answer. This is exactly how it behaves for me. As long as I don't view my deck, it's fine.
Uhm, is this where i should post about a broken puzzle for the creators to read?

My game bugged at an Angren puzzle called ''abandoned village''
Cards wont respond anymore, or they become blank/white cards. when i forfeit the game gets stuck at the loading screen.
And i have to close the game through task manager. I tried the puzzle again for 3 times now and it does the same thing.
On ps4 I had 4 puzzles completed then did the Lament Puzzle and Neighbor's Puzzle when completed both puzzles were scored under quest completed. How am I suppose the complete the Achievement "Those gears are turning".