BUGS after Patch 2.1

Messaging Panam for a date is broken for me. It has worked several times, but twice after missions (maybe due to having to wait during missions? one was the main mission with the floats in japantown and one was the first string of missions in phantom liberty) the text message for inviting is just gone. First time i fixed it by inviting before the the mission, which started the "hangout-mission" consisting of waiting a few days. Now it has happened again with the starting mission of Phantom liberty, which is a fair few hours to replay... And I am not even sure it would fix it this time.
Play on PS5

Well )
Hi everyone here:)
Today I encountered the most epic bug I've ever seen.
I started Phantom Liberty and moved to The Damned quest
But first I returned to the apartment in the megatower, I wanted to change skin of my character.
The wardrobe didn’t load right away, and after I was able to open it, I saw that all the slots were empty.
Only one skin remained on the character, that was before the start of Phantom Liberty.
Well, no problem, I chose slot 6, started putting together a new look, but changed my mind and reset the changes.
And what did I see in the end?) :sneaky:
I'm attaching a photo, sorry. Your game is 18+
If I wrote in the wrong topic please forgive me and provide the necessary feedback form
Yeah have the same problem with my boobs and feet. Idk.
Not sure this one counts as a bug so much as poor Q&A, maybe?

Doing a quest in DT where the NPC drives. On the way, he drives over several people, including Barghest. Carries on like nothing happened. We get out of car, Barghest attacks me, he still ignores it and continues the quest conversation forcing me to restart.

Maybe patch will be released with red streams this week...hopefully.

It seems I collect this time bugs - now I noticed that my V has sometimes no hands. (I don't use any body mods).

For anyone who has bug with no spawned cars in garage during "Waiting for Dodger".....you must do the whole mission again. Best before you get called by Mr. Hands. Seems to reload earlier save while mission is already active don't work.

But..on the other hand.....can we have a secret achievement instead.....find / collect 30 bugs in NC and Dogtown.....or a new stash wall in V's apartment to collcet 30 iconic bugs...... :D
Maybe patch will be released with red streams this week...hopefully.
Based on this tweet by Cyberpunk- no patch on the red stream day and I wouldn´t expect it this week at all: Cyberpunk tweet

-My bet would be, next week for some info about it and maybe the next week after that- finally the release of it.
OK guys, let´s not start this again.. We all know 2.1 was rushed, let´s not repeat this again or the mods will come for us. :smart:
Yea, I like the look of it- that´s the reason. :shrug: :disapprove:
Is there a reason why you lately use bold type in all your posts? Just curious…

-BTW, I know we are all awaiting mainly the 2.1 fixes, but around the time 2.02 came out, I made this list of issues that was for the most part focused on the 2.0 problems: Visual(scripting) issues introduced with 2.0 update | Forums - CD PROJEKT RED

-I didn´t really have the time to check what the 2.1 fixed from that list, so if anyone wants- feel free to check it out and potentially report the still remaining issues to CDPR.
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I can definitely say that the blood pump removal bug is related to a bug that existed back in 2.0 version. i played on 2.0 release and every time i used consumable items, my maxdoc would disappear from the slot. it was very annoying because i noticed my maxdoc disappearing every time after the start of combat
Yea, this is known issue since 2.1 came out. We just have to wait for the patch.. Along with some other issues:

Radioport sometimes stops completely working, subtitles for radio hosts are missing now, when going into Megabuilding- the radio cuts off even though the icon for it is still accessible.

-Also, the weapon inspect animations sometimes completely stop working randomly (you can´t activate them).
-Music in clubs- mainly in Totentanz is very quiet after 2.1.
-Not to mention the sonic tracing, finishers, gun in hand when looking in the mirror and V´s glitch effect missing in the inventory screen.

Hopefully this and more gets all fixed in the next patch. It´s very obvious 2.1 was just rushed out the door without sufficient testing.
I can confirm the bug regarding the weapon inspect animation. Reloading a safe fixes it temporarily but it quickly comes back. I haven't been able to pinpoint what triggers it
I noticed something weird about the whole finisher bug, it's not only the animations but the whole gore that is broken.
As soon as you unlock the bladerunner perk the finishers almost never dismember. If you disable the perk and use berserk to do finishers, heads fly 90% of the time.
It may be a katana only thing though...
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