Camera Scrolla Down

Hi, I just started playing The Witcher 3 on PS4, but I have a constant problem: the camera always scrolls down, by itself without me touching the joystick, both on horseback and when standing still while walking/running. The joystick is fine and this is the only game that gives me this problem. The game is up to date and launches fine, any setting I change the camera just keeps behaving like this and it's really frustrating and not fun to play. How to solve this problem??
Have you tried with another controller? Witcher can sometimes be bit picky with controllers if I remember correctly.
I also remember that the game can be very sensitive, if there is a minor issue with the controller it can quickly show. If you know someone else with a playstation controller, maybe you can try that one, just so we can rule the controller problem out.

You can also try clearing cache (I doubt it will do much in this case, but options on console are limited):

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