Can not login; Need to contact support


A few month ago I made a gwent account on my ipad using facebook to login. Since then I have paid hundreds of euros because I love the game.
But quickly it appeared that to play gwent competitively, you need a pc and a mouse.

So I tried logging in on my pc but I cannot login through facebook. It also does not recognise my email so I also cannot reset it as suggested.
Can somebody please give my the email of the gwent support team so I can ask them to fix this. Because playing on an ipad just kills the joy of playing seriously and is a huge disadvantage.

Thanks alot
This is the support website which can be used to contact cdpr support:

Just pick a support articles and click on „… contact us!“ to send a ticket, for example this one:

That being said, maybe you signed up with your apple account?
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