Can you prevent Geralt from entering combat stance when running?

Can you prevent Geralt from entering combat stance when running?

So, I just died because Geralt acted like an idiot. I was running around exploring the numerous question marks on the Velen map, when I come across a level 20 Basilisk. As level 12 myself, I figure naww, so I turn tails that sprint away. But too bad for me: The Basilisk became aggressive, and for whatever reason Geralt decided that of course he should fight it, so he just stopped running, turned to face the Basilisk and put his fist up.

He did this while I still had both W and the sprint key pressed down.
I re-pressed sprint, and he started sprinting again, only to stop sprinting again after the next few steps. He just kept on doing this, refusing to follow my key presses because he wanted to be stupid and god damn annoying. And of course I couldn't outrun the Basilisk with Geralt stopping dead in his tracks efter 3 steps over and over, so I died... because Geralt didn't react to my key presses for more than a second or two.

This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happens often enough to be noticeable.
Am I the only one with this issue? Because if I run into a mob that is impossible for me to kill, I'd really appreciate it if the game would please stop forcing me to fight it anyway or die trying.
Because that's straight up bullshit.
The only reason I can think of why he'd stop sprinting is if he had run out of stamina. Was that the case?
No way around it unfortunately. When you're not sprinting in combat Geralt will always be locked on an enemy and move in combat stance: camera centered on target and strafes instead of walking forward in the direction you want. Since stamina regenerates slowly in combat if you try sprinting away from a fight Geralt will be constantly turning arround to face an enemy before regenerating enough to be able to sprint.

Best way to escape a fight is to roll away. Rolls and dodges will stop stamina regeneration but don't actually consume it.
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