Characters are invisible

Hi, I bought and set up the game from Epic Store but when I started the game I could not see the characters, I can see some accessories and swords floating and being used in fights by invisible people. What might cause this kind of error? I verified the files and lower graphics settings but nothing changed.

I use 2020 Macbook pro M1 16 GB with Parallels Desktop VM Win11


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The game doesn't support mac so I don't know if there is a good solution here.

However, I suspect that the directx11 version will run a lot better on Mac than the directx12 version.

One way to change to directx11 is described at the end of this thread for example:
Thanks for your response! I have tried editing 'launcher-configuration.json' but nothing changed. I choose DirectX 11 on the launcher. The virtual machine doesn't support Dx 12 so it crashes on there already.
I'm sorry to hear that. In that case I'm not sure if there's a good workaround.
As great as the M1 2020 still is, the integrated gpu is not ideal for more demanding Windows games.

On Steam and GOG you could try to revert to the old version but as far as I know that's not possible with the epic store version.
Ideally, the "best" would be to use Bootcamp to install Windows directly on your Mac (you can choose which OS you want to run when you turn on the Mac). It mean that Mac OS don't run in background and no issue with DX12 because you're "really" on Windows (in theory).

But even, I don't think our Mac have GPU strong enough (I'm on iMac 27' 2019 and I don't even try^^).
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