Crash upon enabling RT

RTX 3070/Ryzen 5800x @ 1440p, saves load with RT disabled, but the game crashes when loading them if RT is enabled and also crashes when game is already running and then RT is enabled. I was able to play with RT for a couple hours but there was frequent crashing when it would run at all.

I disabled all OC, clean installed drivers, verified game cache, and disabled all mods.

How can I fix this?
Damn. Sorry, it worked for me. Read something about enabling while on FSR or TAAU, then enabling RTX. After that, you can switch back to DLSS.

Did not try it as I didn't need. Hope it helps.
I'm having the same exact issue. Game crashes with RT enabled. I can play Cyberpunk with RT enabled w/o issues. I have the latest drivers.
Had the same exact issue the other day, it also crashed after reloading a save game after death with RT disabled.

I fixed it by restarting my PC, now everything works fine.

Hope this helps, cheers!
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