Currently investigated issues [last updated: 13.02.2023 - Patch 4.01]

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Thank you for your support and feedback on the Next-Gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Following Patch 4.01, we wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the issues the team is currently working on and to give a better understanding of what’s ahead. We are working on patches for the game and investigating all the reports you’re sending our way – please keep them coming!

We are currently investigating the following issues:
  • CPU core utilisation.
    We are working to improve how the game handles CPU core utilisation.
  • Performance of the DirectX 12 version.
    We are continuously working to improve the overall performance and stability of the DirectX 12 version of the game, and hope that you'll see improvements with the coming patches.
  • Performance on next-gen consoles.
    We’ve received reports from players who have noticed a decrease in frame rate while playing in Performance Mode on next-gen consoles. This is especially noticed in more demanding areas of the game like Novigrad and Beauclair.
  • Ray traced global illumination improvements.
    We’re working on reducing global illumination lighting leaks.
  • Ray traced shadows improvements.
    We’re investigating an issue with vegetation shadows “popping” depending on Geralt’s proximity and angle.
  • Restoring horizon-based ambient occlusion on PC.
  • Game crashes.
    We are continuously investigating game crashes that are reported to us via telemetry and tech support tickets.
  • Battle Preparations quest still not working after the patch for some players.
    We are aware that some players who experienced an issue where it could be impossible to interact with Avallac'h before patch 4.01, may now experience an issue where there are no dialogue options that can progress the quest after the fix. We're working on the underlying cause and steps to reproduce it.

Thank you again for all the reports. Keep in mind that these are not the only things being investigated. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact us at:
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