Day 1 Builds

Techno viking build :

Body 1
Reflex 1
Int 1
Tech 1
Cool 18

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(jk I know this isn't how COOL works) :ROFLMAO:
I just haven't decided my build yet, so far I'd go with a Nomad with unarmed combat skills, but I'll have plenty of time to choose my build since I need to get the PC that will run this game in decent conditions, lol.
I have no idea honestly. The only thing I decided that I will choose Nomad life path, but in terms of built, I think it will progress with how quests change over time in the game.
Nomad Gunslinger with a side of smithing for money farming. Minimum cyberwear for the challenge.
Body: 3
Intelligence: 3
Reflexes: 6
Technical: 6
Cool: 4
Two builds, not totally sure of course:

Fem V SK main. Trying to not-save-scum, so defensive. Body, Ref/Int, Cool, Tech. Fists, Hacking, AR, Mantis Blades.
Stealth where necessary, because liiiiiiife.

Male V Corpo alternate. The Jerk, at least at first. Int, Tech, Ref, Body/Cool. Smartguns, Tech rifles, hacking, etc. Not a lot of stealth.

Male V in Russian VO because he rocks.

Will vary as I learn the game, pick perks, get gear.

May go with Corpo V female to mess with Johnny.
Still thinking about it but it will probably look something like this:

Body: 5
Reflex: 7
Int: 3
Tech: 4
Cool: 3

Int and Cool will come later, I want to start with something basic so I have some new exciting stuffs to try in my future runs.
Female V (I think I saw an Asian preset in the options. If that's the case, I'll see where I can go from there). Probably not gonna be too fancy on hair color but she's definitely gonna have tattoos (if there's full body yakooza tattoo it's definitely gonna happen).

Not sure about the lifepath just yet. I'm hesitating between Nomad and Corpo but knowing myself I may just randomly go for Street kid when I start the game (I mean, I suspect I'm gonna do every lifepaths anyway. It's not like it matters all that much).

That make me think, we're gonna need a topic where we can show our characters, that would be cool.
I like stealth ninja builds. Swords, mantis blades, hand to hand, hacking... Quiet instruments of death.

Only thing thing that worries me is Adam Smasher.

We were told its possible to play the game without killing anyone. I wonder how you deal with him. He doesnt strike me as the reasonable type.
Nomad Solo
The corporations never compensated my family for rebuilding NC and I’m out for revenge.

let’s burn it all Johnny...
I will definitely restart my game several times to get used to which mechanics will best compliment my character; I plan to play as a chaotic/neutral good character that will help others in need!

I will most likely start as a street kid with high skills with tech, guns, and street cred ideally!
I will definitely restart my game several times to get used to which mechanics will best compliment my character;
Right there with you; I’m using the above simple solo build to learn the mechanics on my first play through.

I’ll expect I’ll change over to a netrunner street kid on my second play through.

or a corpo assassin.:cool:

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After much deliberation:

B 3
R 3
I 3
T 7 - to open locked doors, I like that
C 6 - for stealth/ninja stuff

I can up the B, R & I as the game goes on.
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