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Deck: Henselt Memes

Henselt Blue Meme deck, but Lemmens breaks it, movement/row punish, or heavy control (Revenant removal). Optional: 2x Mahakam Ale instead of Forbidden Magic (or Battering Rams, but they don't count as Specials for Johnny/Sarah synergy). NG/MO can also copy/Assire Roche/Sabrina, anyone can Decoy or Renew them.

Either Lemmens gets deleted or my account does; one of the two will assuredly happen.

edit: One thing I forgot to mention is the deck is rather inconsistent. This can be fixed somewhat by swapping Runestone for Last Wish, and reducing some 5s to 4s. However, that removes 4-5 spells, which is not optimal. This is really a design issue regarding consistency. Due to the way tutors work now, it's impossible to guarantee you'll draw the units/artifacts/spells you require without spending 34 recruit on Decree/Sage/Keira.

Furthermore, with only 2 of each bronze card in play, your chances of not drawing them without Last Wish in R1 are about 33%, once again due to tutors and no blacklisting. This is reflected in my general tests where scores vs the AI can vary by 50% on other, more consistent decks ~30-50 points stuck in deck or due to sequencing; meaning most matches are actually decided by draws and RNG, except when thinning to zero, which is nearly impossible on NR without spending most recruit points on thinning (and random at that, which can even be used against you by NG/MO).

edit: Had to remove some spells (Forbidden Magic, Mahakam Ale) and Catapults due to artifacts 'hotfix'... Also had to remove Caretaker. Still can't use DBomb due to Roche/Blue Meme. You really need a God hand to play this deck now. Added a version with Keira in it, which is marginally better, but still susceptible to the same problems.
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It's a counter, and synergizes with Johnny/Sarah for 1 stack each 4r, lacking another 4r card choice. DBomb will kill your own artifacts if you pull it with Roche. DShackles becomes a 3+4=7+lock for 5r, etc... Ale is 4+4=8+unlock, FMagic adds +4, or +2 with just one on the board.

Killing Roche, then using Blue Meme and pulling some spells each time with Roche can get you 5+ stacks on both Sarah and Johnny, and pays for itself. You can DShackles Roche to kill him also, but not Sabrina.