Easter eggs you'd like to see in Cyberpunk2077?

Easter eggs you'd like to see in Cyberpunk2077?

CDPR gave us nice easter eggs like the Assassins Creed and Lord of the Rings but there were a bunch of other hidden things like the song Iorveth plays on his flute.

So this thread is about what easter eggs you'd like to see in Cyberpunk 2077 and how could deliver it in a subtle way.
because man that Lord of the Rings easter egg was not subtle at all


I personally want them to reference Judge Dredd this line in particular. It could be delivered by one of those malfunctioning Psycho Squad cyborgs in a some gameplay moment. Some bystander will say "law" and the cyborg would just snap saying "LAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!"
How about a quest character named Geralt? Or something referencing The WItcher than can tie in to Cyberpunk 2077?

References towards other classic sci-fi books, games, films, and etc will do fine also.
An NPC in afterlife called Doug Quaid who can't quite remember who he is.

And at some point someone shout 'See you at the party Richter!'
How about a man named Armitage randomly contacts you about help he needs, then promptly contacts you again saying he found his team already, and you wouldn't be needed?
No, please. I dont want to see anything related to Judge Dredd (movie with Stalone, not comic series). Dredd (2012) is totally different story. If we will met cop and this girl from the trailer as npc's in the final game, it would be cool if he would ask her: "Rookie, you ready?", before kicking in some doors in cut scene or something like that. Just my opinion. I know, LAAAAAW is funny. But I just hate this movie so much I dont want to see anything related to this garbage :(
I know, LAAAAAW is funny. But I just hate this movie so much I dont want to see anything related to this garbage :(

It'd just appear once and not in a cutscene but in the gameplay maybe in a hidden part like that AC easter egg in W2. I ain't a fan of non-subtle easter eggs. I wouldn't be offended if there was an easter egg I didn't like if it was done subtle and very easily missed.

Here's another, I think would be suitable for a

How about some sort of nod to the other famous cyberpunk settings - Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, heck, even Armitage III?
Was about to say pretty much the same thing. Also Bubblegum Crisis.

Totally forgot about BGC. Maybe have a double-sided nod to both it and the poster in the background of the teaser trailer by having a billboard or whatever showing what appears to be Alt Cunningham in some skimpy bedroom attire, advertising the Silky Doll lingerie store...
If there are BBC easter eggs, I want to see some posters announcing the next concert of Priss and the Replicants. Maybe havinbg in the doorway to a condemned and locked cellar bar the broken neon sign of Hot Legs and yes, a Silky Doll lingerie shop needs to be there.

Add some AD Police, Armitage III, Dredd, Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, Jin Roh, Dominion Tank Police, Accel World, Matrix, .......

And it does not even need to be blatant easter eggs....make a very unsubtle backstreet dead end that has a trailer and a red bike parked in it, with a camping lounger and table in front....but to keep it less obvious, don't have the Priss posters and graffiti there. Have less known quotes and scenes or items from movies that are just as iconic but only really known by hardcore fans who remember every single frame of the show
A row of crows on a rooftop balustrade and in the middle between them a single white dove.

A small shop full of archaic items reffered to by the shop owner as external memory.....

a contact giving you off the record advise, saying his Ghost whispered it to him

a red-haired cop making an estimation and reasoning it with saying, it is his female intuition

a Psy-Cop named Leo McNichel and another one named Brearius

a corporate or cop mini tank that the crew refers to as Bonaparte

a bar named DNA

a length of torn, thick sticky syntho-silk hanging from a steel H-beam (no, not spiderman....Tachikoma climbing rope)
i want an electric sheep :D
A man named Gibson
^^ win!

I want to see these as graffiti somewhere:

Some dude named Johnny who sounds like a surfer and "Can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head."

I'd like to overhear a guy talking in a netrunner bar, deep southern accent, "Boy, I'm like them huge F**** lizards, you know? Had themself two goddam brains, one in the head an' one by the tailbone, kept the hind legs movin'. Hit that black stuff and ol' tailbrain jus' kept right on keepin' on"

I'd like the ability to pick random screamsheets and over the course of the game be able to assemble the news stories into an interesting and optional easter egg adventure.
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