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Eist even more useless in Homecoming?

I really love playing Skellige and thus i'm concerned about Eist.
He surely is the worst Skellige leader and it would be okay if gap between him and rest of leaders wasnt so huge.
His ability is resurrecting a Warrior. Once. That's bad even not knowing what 'Warrior' means. But when you look at top Warriors availible now there are like 2 viable options in my opinion: Dagur and (kinda) Lugos. Both require going deeper into wounding archetype... which actually does far more better with Harald or even Crach. So basically what's the point of Eist? Somebody might say "yea, there are greatswords and queensguard too". Sure, but you can just resurrect them with Freyas or Necromancy and not sacrificing the pick of a better leader.

Is he actually that bad or am I missing something?
Actually the ability is pretty decent and can be used to return many good cards. The real issue with Eist is the lack of synergy, which you kinda mentioned. Regardless, let's look at it from a provision perspective. Eist is basically a Sigrdrifa's Rite, which is a 10 provision card. Now, getting 10 provisions from a leader is a good deal. So, if you are playing a deck that doesn't use a particular synergy of the other leaders, then Eist is a good choice.
I dont even know if that 10 provision per leader is good. Just take into considiration that Harald would probably be 10 if he was a card, but additionally he unlocks so many points from other cards, that i feel like its another 5 provs at least. And he has 1 mulligan less.
That 'unlocking' potential of other leaders and thus - making cards more useful is what I lack with Eist.
Eist is fine and fits Skellige pretty well. Raising a second Unit would be probably too strong. He probably gets stronger over time anyway when new skellige cards that work with your graveyard get introduced to the game.