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Extremely Bad Gameplay Performance

In every standard battle I get extremely bad performance against NPCs. Most enemies will spend minutes choosing a move and the whole game lags. It's usually when I've got a lot of units on board but the game takes forever to choose a move. Even with only 4 or so premium cards on board. I have a GTX 1070 and i7-6600k processor with 16gb of RAM, I should not be getting this bad performance considering the requirements to run the game. I'm in the last area of the game and my deck mostly comprises of Skellige buff strengthen units. This is really ruining the last few hours of the game for me.
I found that the AI opponents take way too long to make decisions and use all of my PCs (reasonably abundant) resources to do so. The game starts to get ugly "hickups" when the AI is making a choice and it can take the AI up to 5 minutes to play 3 cards after I have passed. And its just plain stupid that he AI has to "think" for 30 seconds before playing its last card.
That is completely unreasonable for any system on which the game runs smoothly otherwise.
I dont get why so long after release both homecoming and TB remain so unstable.