FIX for crashing when loading old saves with RT on

If you are experiencing CTD after loading old saves with RT on you could try this, it worked for me and a couple of other people I wrote

1) Load the save without RT on
2) Save the game
3) Return to the main menu
4) Now you should be able to launch the save you just did with RT on or change it in the game.

Your old saves will show a message saying that they can be incompatible, if you make new saves from those you load from patch 1.32 they will show as saves from 4.0. This fixed the issue with crashing when RT is on or you are enabling it in the game.
Hope it will fix it for you!
I started to play today and i have this issue as well on PC - cannot load saves with RT on
If i load the save on ultra then it loads but i cannot change it to RT ingame as it crashes again
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