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Fixed: (Thronebreaker) Bug: Enemy Cards have increased health and armour

After about two months i came back to finish my Thronebreaker-Playthrough. I just finished Angren and my first battle after my continuation was "The Guardian of Ruewode" (The leshen fight). Here I encountered the bug, as the spawning ravens and wolves in this fight have absurdly hight health and additional armour, which they normally should not have at all.

Screenshot below:


I also encountered the error in another fight nearby, so it's not an error specific to the leshen-fight I suppose.

I already tried repairing the game and a completely new install, both without effect. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you very much for the very fast response. I didn't have to download any files after my break, so I didnt think of that possibility.
Auto-update is on by default, so the files would probably have been downloaded in the background without you even being aware.