Geralt beard growth now broken after using mod and this is now imbedded in my savegame

Greetings fellow monster hunters,

After trying to combine these two mods two or three days ago:

In combination with my dark reddish beard colour mod, hoping to get a long brown-reddish hobo beard for my Geralt, my Witcher 3 savegame now has the beard grow bricked.
I have tried everything, delete the mod, re-implement this mod, go to the barbier shop shave Geralt and make a savegame, have the mod removed again right afterwards the barbier shop and make another savegame, but Geralts beard now forever stays on stage one (beard shadow, only texture, no 3D beard).

Which looks like this:


The problem is, well I have already played 15 hours this weekend before noticing the problem, and I don´t want to go back to savegames from millenia ago :D

So my question is... is there any console command to fully reset Geralts beard to full vanilla default beard growth to make a new, un-beard-bricked savegame?
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Problem solved :)
The savegame is still broken with no 3D beard becoming visible ever (only the 2D beard shadow face texture shows up but nothing else ever), but Geralts beard has become functional normale again when using this mod:


The default savegame will stay broken when using it without mod, but using this mod is allright and a good solution.
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