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GWENT Closed Beta Status Update



GWENT Closed Beta Status Update

Making a good card game requires a huge amount of iterative work, and there’s only so much we can see from within the studio. The amount of feedback, and your massive involvement in the game balancing process have helped us refine GWENT in truly remarkable and unexpected ways. Thank you for being such an awesome community.

This is just the beginning of our journey, but one thing’s for sure: we’re in great company!

We’ve been in Closed Beta for quite a while now, and we are preparing for the next stage — Public Beta. This is why we’d like to tell you a bit more about how we plan to transition into Public Beta, and what that means for your in-game progress. We’d also like to tell you more about what you’re going to receive for your participation.

Many things have changed since we launched the Closed Beta of GWENT — we’ve introduced dozens of balance tweaks, added new mechanics, new premium versions of cards, implemented a ranking mode, and more.

Since Public Beta will mark a significant influx of new players, we want everyone to start on equal ground. That’s why we need to reset everyone’s card collection (fear not — we’ll give you back all the Kegs you purchased with real money!) and game progress (player level, Ore and Scraps).

However, we also want to reward you for the time you invested in helping us make GWENT better. And this means you’ll get to smash public some shiny new Kegs. Chances are, a lot!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Every Card Keg you purchased — we will return you the amount of Kegs you bought with real money.
  • Card Kegs for Player Levels — starting from level 5, you get 2 Kegs every 5 levels.
  • Card Kegs for your rank — 2 Kegs for each rank.
  • All end-season rewards.
  • All items granted as gifts from CD PROJEKT RED (like the gift premium Geralt card).

All in all, after everything’s done, you should have enough Kegs to make new great decks! Once again thank you for playing GWENT and making it better. We really appreciate it.

UPDATE: By end of next week, everyone who signed up in 2016 will receive GWENT beta access. We’ll be sending more invitations as we go.

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Guys RU real? Nobody comment this huge news?
1. When?
2. pls show end season rewards :)

Overall I think this is ok . 30 lvl - 6 kegs, 10 rank - 20 kegs. Over 130h of playing 26 kegs :)
Not to bad
Greetings for all CDPR team.
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CDR nailed it. This is good news for everyone. Fair to new players, and it should give closed beta players at least a competetive deck.
friketje;n7649980 said:
CDR nailed it. This is good news for everyone. Fair to new players, and it should give closed beta players at least a competetive deck.
Good to hear! It was our goal to be fair to everyone playing the game.
Thank you for the information! This seems quite fair, not only to those who shall join us in the Open Beta, but also for dedicated testers, who've invested their time and energy in exploring Gwent's intricacies. Kegs all around! Simply smashing.
Wait... hold on a minute... is this happening when the next patch goes live or later? Like many people I have been saving up kegs/scarps for the Nilfgaard patch for weeks now and have about 60 kegs to open. If the wipe happens as the next patch drops then it was stupid of me not to have been opening them and testing more cards out?
How can you call this fair without even knowing End of Season rewards? :hmm:
I'm a bit disappointed tbh. the "equal grounds" argument doesn't really hold, since anyone who just pays 200$ on day 1 of open beta will still have more of a headstart then people would have by keeping their collection now.
Marcin_Momot it would be kinda neat if you would give the amount of kegs someone could get for his money spent, so e.g. people who paid 70$, even if one only bought 2-keg packs and the other bought 60-keg pack get the same return.

Now :comeatmebro:
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That's great news! But I'm guessing there isn't going to be a ranking reset now? Or at the end of beta your both ranks will sum up? (Like, you had rank 9 in first season then 11 in season 2). I wonder how many kegs some people will get xD As of now I'd get only 30.
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Woah! Well done CDPR, I wasn't expecting this much tbh. I think this is a pretty fair way to handle rewards depending on each player's invested time. The only question remaining is when I guess :p
I was expecting a reset but I wasn't expecting so many rewards, thanks for that. Can you tell us the date or at least an approximation?
Also do you reset the ore and scraps we have? I would assume so but it isn't stated that clear (or I missed something).
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I'm pretty sure that the reset isn't on Monday, because a lot of players asked if they can save kegs for Nilfgaard (and if their content will get updated) and devs said yes.
I think this announcement will boost the number of ranked matches people see in the next few months, which I think is good. Also, I think you will see a lot of people playing for more than just daily rewards, since there is a payout for level attained. It's a good move by the devs to keep people active, and a nice incentive for the players. I think both sides are served well by this announcement.
To people complaining that the newcomers can just buy advantage. OK, I've bought around 60 keg's during CBT. Did it make me an überplayer? No. But now I have much bigger advantage - experience, knowledge of decks, combos etc.

After the open beta starts there will be so many noobs, so all CBT players will grow like mad just because of their knowledge.

And kudos to the Devs for a very generous wipe.
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