Gwent question about Medic and Agile cards

Hello, brand new to this forum, so please be patient with me. I finally got around to buying and playing Witcher 3 for PS4, and am loving it. I also really like Gwent (the version within the Witcher 3 game). However, I have a question about the cards not performing as stated they should be. I have scoured the internet, and have not found an answer, so I figured I'd ask the people who actually created it! When I play the Scoia'tael deck, I sometimes use the "Medic" (resurrection) card on the "Agile" (choose to place in close combat or ranged combat) cards. But, when I do this, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to where the Agile cards go. They randomly place themselves in close combat or ranged combat, and I cannot choose where to put them (upon resurrection). They don't always go back to the row I placed them in during the previous round. Is there any definitive way for a PS4 play to manually choose which row an Agile card goes into during resurrection? Thanks in advance for any devs willing to help!
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