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How is faction MMR calculated



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How is faction MMR calculated

Disclaimer, I know about unlocking percentages by playing matches with the faction so it is not the question.

What interests me is how Real score is calculated, as far as I have seen most players have Real score in between 1100 and 1300 and I am curious how is it calculated.

I assume 1200 is base line and wins earn you point while defeats lose them, but does the amount lost or gained depend on your current fMMR, your overall MMR, opponents MMR and such stuff, because in regular ladder player is always aware of those numbers

Also is there any chance to see my win ratio or at least number of wins/losses with a faction on the Pro Ladder, I mean I can start counting them but I want to see the exact number for the past games.

I am sure other players would appreciate the answer as well, for sake of curiosity at least.


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I haven't played any faction above 100 games yet, but from the way my fMMR changed the few times i checked, it seems to be an ELO-system with a K-Value of 8. That's purely a guess based on personal experience though.