Integrity check keeps failing on one file

I've done three integrity checks in steam for Witcher Witch hunt 3, one files always keeps failing.
There is one water textures that's not showing up correct in some of the levels. What's odd is, I can get the files to fix when I run the check, but then they are corrupted again. Maybe the Raytracing issue in my other post is causing it. I've disabled raytracing so lets see if it fixes this issue.


  • Windows 10 Pro Just installed OS.
  • i5 4670K
  • 32 GBs corsair DDR 3 / ver 8.22
  • nVida RTX 3060 T1 8GB GDDR6 (driver 545.92)
  • Samsung SSD for my OS drive as well as a 4TB SSD for the game drive. Very fast drives.
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