Horrible freezing while running and turning Witcher Wild Hunt 3 after large Update.

I've had this game for over a year and it was always played super smooth. Not a drop in FPS. Now I'm playing it for the first time after that HUGE update a few months ago and It's not even playable,. The choppy freezes feels like I'm playing on a computer with no graphics card. This update broke something. I'm seeing tones of posts on line about it but none of the solution's fixes it. I've verified my files in steam, and even tried disabling //camera.PlayAnimation( animation )

  • Windows 10 Pro Just installed OS.
  • i5 4670K
  • 32 GBs corsair DDR 3 / ver 8.22
  • nVida RTX 3060 T1 8GB GDDR6 (driver 545.92)
  • Samsung SSD for my OS drive as well as a 4TB SSD for the game drive. Very fast drives.

All my other games play smooth as glass, Doom 3, ArmA 3, GTA 5, Destiny, Warhammer, Metro..ect. No issues in any other game.

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Don't know how this happened but I have another post on this issue here

I last played The Witcher 3 slightly before patch 4.04 dropped.

Now I wished to return to the game...

...and I can't even download the Patch because for some reason it's 52 (FIFTY-TWO) GIGABYTES ?! o_O

I don't have that much space available on my disk... :(

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