Is the Price Of Power expansion set roll-out a 'pay-to-win' strategy? Do you approve of the strategy?


Is the Price Of Power expansion set release a 'pay-to-win' strategy? Do you approve of the strategy?

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While I answered no and no I think its closer to pay to progress rather than pay to win. We need to understand that a totally fresh player (even if he has an idea from the Witcher 3 Gwent) is not familiar with strategies (early pass, bleeding, discarding etc.) or even strategic ladder climbing and keg opening (when I started a 2nd account for fun I first focused opening WOTW ST kegs). Also a player who started in March or April for example was hit by another disadvantage within a month when the new starter packs came out and suddenly he has to face much stronger cards. So if after 10 ranks comes to a point that his win/lose ratio becomes very imbalanced its understandable to see it as P2W and it doesn't matter if it is true or not. It is primarily a skill game and secondary luck and while you can win with the old starter pack I doubt it you have acquired the skills so early. So it would be nice not to judge new players and their opinions through a seasoned player prism
The cards show up in the kegs and you can craft them. And given the size of the mini sets it will not be a good idea to put them in a special keg. It's not the best model however.
Releasing expansion kegs at this point would be utterly useless... There are, what 26 new cards, and you get 5 in a keg... Do you know how many duplicates you would get before you got all of them? You'd probably spend more on kegs than you would on just buying the cards outright with the expansion pass.

Having said that, I would never, and have never, spent a dime on this game. But if they want to sell useless trinkets to fund development I don't care.

Full disclosure, I have been playing since closed beta, and yes I have enough resources to probably craft the entire card pool 18 times :) lol but I just craft the cards I want when I want try them out... In the end it's a game, and no one is forcing you to (a) play (b) buy anything or (c) win all the time so just go with the flow!!
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