Issue with Ghost Mode mod (Would love some help)

Hi, I am trying to mod my Witcher 3 so that I can have Ghost Mode as apart of my game. But everytime I try merging ghost mode with the current mods I have installed, the game leaves me with this error:
"Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\ Unexpected end of file found after '{' at line 37"
I know that the issue is only with the GhostMode mod because when I delete the mod and run script merger again with all my other mods, I don't get an error and the game works perfectly fine. I will provide a screenshot with the issue and also a pastebin link if anyone can look at the code and provide a fix. Also I will provide a list of mods that I currently have installed if that might be an issue. Thank you in advance.
Pastebin link:

Currently installed mods:
- HeavyHairworksOverhaul
- Meadows
- 4KRW - 4K Reworked Women mod
- Absolute Camera
- AlwaysFullExp
- True Fires + compatability packs
- new fires
- Auto Apply Oils
- BeautifulRocksLight
- better fx
- E3 Dodge
- Enable Mimicing
- Exotic Arsenal DLC
- Fast Travel from anywhere
- Friendly meditation
- Geralt Cloak
- GM Tutorials
- HD Monsters Reworked
- HD monster Trophies
- HD Reworked Project
- Tree Billboards (Blood and Wine and Normal)
- Jump in shallow water
- Lamp on Boat
- Map Quest Objectives
- Menu Strings
- Roach Improvement mod
- More Money for Traders
- More shadows
- More shadows for Toussaint
- HeavyClouds V1
- Heavy Clouds V2
- No dirty lens
- No Fall Damage
- 9000 carry limit
- Real Weather
- Scabbards
- Sezon Burz DLC
- SFXPresets (For Reshade with Wiedzmin lighting mod)
- Shared imports
- Silver swords
- The Mutant (Geralt character rework)
- Tweaks
- Ultra Gore 2
- Unlimited Durability
- Wiedzmin phoenix lighting mod
- World Map Fixes
- 4K Armor textures
- Besserwisser Patches (With nitpicker patches) These were bundled together
I don't know if you have fixed it or not, but I have seen this kind of problem before. Some people suggest that you should delete the extra '{' at line "number here". For example: In your case, delete that '{' at line 37.

I don't know if this is helpful or not.
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