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Let's talk achievements

I think this game should get real creative with their achievements. not just give an achievement for killing the boss or what not.

So I have a few ideas for achievements.

1. Roboception. If you use the tech tree skill you will (most likely) gain the ability to hack into robots. Then you can use that robot to hack into another know where I'm going with this. To unlock this achievement you have to use a string of robots hacked into one by one and use the n-th robot to defeat a boss.

2. Does it Burn? If you sleep around too much you will get a STD. This will diminish your stats and abilities until you get it sorted out. Go to a pharmacist/convenient store, get pills.

3. [Sard Edit: Just no.]

4. I only had wine* Get fully drunk and then use speed and then drive around the city going at least 80km/h

5. Mommy get the camera! This one is for the MP, score the final kill of the match by throwing your knife 50m.

*placeholder name
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Keep quiet: Threaten 20 civilians to not tell the police about your criminal acts.

Stunt lord: Do 10 near death stunts on foot and in a vehicle.

Assassin's bleed: Do 6 assassinations to 6 Assassin's.

Highway to hell: Kill 250 NPCS on the road.

Home sweet home: Bring someone to your house for a one night stand.

Grand theft Moto: Hack 60 vehicles.

Anime!!!!!:Collect 90 Anime posters/Comic

Master of disguise: Buy all the costumes in the game.
This is your brain on drugs: Fry the brains of a high ranking hacker from each corporation.

Surprise!: Shoot an unaware enemy through a wall.

Flatlined: Defeat the trauma team and sell the girls organs on the black market.

Get away from her you B****!: Don an exosuit and successfully defend T-Bug.

Because F*** Physics: Shoot an enemy in the head around a corner with ricocheting bullets while wall running.
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Sardukar's Facepalm: While netrunning as part of a side-job, edit something in someone's post to be the words "Just no."

Damn It: Make your character look just like Ciri. (Basically, what I'd expect the developers to say after all the hell they've dealt with on adding her to the game.)

((Edited: No RL politics, please. -- Muffliato))

This Isn't GTA!!!: Run over a cop with your car, beat up a prostitute, and try to rob a convenience store without a disguise.

Lesser Evils Don't Work: Hack election results and rig the votes so Satan wins.

He Can't Do Any Worse: Hack election results and rig the votes so a dog wins.

Gaia's Revenge: Chop down a tree and have it fall on and kill you.

You're Not Ruby: Try to use a scythe as a sniper rifle.
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[Sard Edit: Wrong thread. Nice try though.]

Short Circuit: Hack 5 computers in less than 20 seconds

Inception: Hack the target while he's hacking someone else
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Damn It: Make your character look just like Ciri. (Basically, what I'd expect the developers to say after all the hell they've dealt with on adding her to the game.).
How would the game determine that?

Only human: beat the game with nothing more than the starting mods.

V for Virtue: complete the [redacted] mission without killing anyone. (I was would say game, but apparently that's not possible)

An elegant weapon: Complete the game without firing a shot.

Stranger in a strange land: Find Ciri. (they are sick of people asking about her, but that doesn't mean that they won't do it)
How would the game determine that?
Likely, every morph has its own internal ID, just to keep track of it, with the face itself made up of the combined IDs of several morphs. So, you just set it so that a specific combination triggers the achievement.
It could be doable with a selection of presets, but it would be much harder with sliders trying to judge from both the player's and game's point of view. How close is close enough?

Also just because V looks like Ciri, don't mean that she's anything more than that.
More Human Than Human: Become 90%+ cybernetic.
Tears in the Rain: Save an enemy from death at the cost of your own life.
Yakuza's Pet: Work exclusively for a criminal organization.

You Want Some More: Play every mission with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.1 or higher. Requires a BAC monitor.
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Rise of the legend: Get to level 20 of the game.

Last crusade: Finish the last mission of the main story.

Die hard: Survive 30 hours with dieing on the hardest difficulty.

Magneto: Get shoot 10000 times by enemies in game.

Watch Cats: Hack 10 enemies in a level.
Pirate King: Use telescopic cyberarms to punch people.*

Salamander: Destroy Night City's docks while stopping an impostor.*

The Humanoid Typhoon: Become known as an unstoppable gunman while not killing anyone.*

The Major: Use a decoy child-version copy of yourself to fool an assassin.*

Cowboy: Remain broke despite successfully turning in multiple high-value bounties.*

*I wonder if anyone can get every reference.
Blade Runner: Decapitate an enemy with the mantis blades while wall running.

Dragonfall: Hang from the roof with the mantis blades and drop down on an unaware enemy.

V shot first: Shoot someone at the beginning of a conversation.

V is for Vendetta: Kill the traitor. (Revenge backstory.)

2 days from retirement: Brain jack a cop and make them kill thier partner.

Blue Sunshine: Defeat a cyberpsycho.
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(I put 100 as an example, can be lowered/augmented depending on how the game plays out.)

Cop Killer:
Kill 100 police officer.

Kill 100 Arasaka's Agents

Kill 100 civilians

Employee Termination:
Kill 100 Corporates

Kill 100 robots.

Your Move Creep:
Kill 100 gang members.

Keyboard Cowboy:
Hack sucessfully 100 data fortress without being caught

Mnemonic Agent:
Put the maximum number of Chips your character can handle.

Need Input:
Collect every background/lore notes

Johnny 5:
Get a full borg convertion.

Strange Days:
Watch every Braindance records.

Craft 100 cyber devices.

Go moshing to 100 concerts. (there will be rockerboys right?)

I'd buy that for a dollar:
Unlock every item shops

Long Live The New Flesh:
Unlock every Ripperdocs

Solo Of Fortune:
Unlock every gun shops.

Cyber with Attitude:
Unlock every vehicules shops/garage

Cryo Max:
Unlock every clothes store.

Californian Psycho:
Get your way through the corporate ladder (doing missions, unlocking stuff, unlocking everything related to Corporations etc..).

Win a mano-mano fight with an homeless person. (like a bum under drug attacking you as a random event)

Street Meat:
Sleep 100 times in a coffin.

Get a Cyber Upgrade.

reach the maximum street cred' level.

Street Samuraï
Behead 100 enemies with your katana.

Meet an IA on the Cyberspace.

Shock To The System:
Defeat an IA.

Cyberpunk's Not Dead:
Hack sucessfully your first Data Fortress.

Murphy's Law:
Lose a body limb during a fight.

Body Bank Blues:
Get a body part replacement of the wrong skin color.

Have sex 100 times.

The Plague:
Give an STD to your partner.

Build your own vehicule.

Max Headroom:
Appears 100 times on Medias.

Hack 100's people cyberware.

I'm the Law:
wear an NCPD uniform.
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The Plague achievement is vile, "Gifting" should not be in the game.
Vile? Yep, a bit but heh...
There are STD presents in Cyberpunk2020 ("AIDS II" is a thing and killed millions), also, it's a modern day rpg, in a realistic setting, if being able to hump anything is present, you should add a malus, just for the sakes of giving some texture to it, just like abusing cyber may gives you cyberpsychosis, putting your wee-wee anywhere should have some risks, otherwise it's just pixel porn without any real role play and random event involved.

It's logical to end alcooholic if your character spend the game drinking, why wouldn't it work the same if you fuck everything that move? It's a mature setting, I don't see any problem with it, it would even give more depth to sex, if you get in a romantic thing with someone and you screw around, well... it's just how romance works...

Also "the plague" is mostly a nods to a Norman Spinrad cyberpunk novel (most probably what inspired the aids II in cp2020), about a "aids" plague all over the usa, they put those in camps, or blocked part of city (like in evasion new york), and sends other to war (as cannon fodder).
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