Music Bug after travelling to Skellige for the first time (PS5, Next-Gen)

Hi all! Recently I've been playing the next-gen version of W3 for about 25 hours, and overall, I've been satisfied with everything. However, after I finished the quest "Destination: Skellige", every time I would die or just reload the game, the music disappears completely. The only way to temporarily fix it is if I travel to another region (ex. from Skellige to Velen or another way around). But then the same thing happens again if I have to load the latest save. Restarting the game/console/even reinstalling the game did not help. As long as I do not travel to Skellige, this problem does not occur. Has anybody else experienced it? It is game-breaking for me and I don't see a reason to play without music.
Same here, but it happens not only in Skellige for me. Sometimes the music starts, the starts over again and again without playing normally. Sometimes there is no music at all. Sometimes it plays a song missing some instruments.

It seems to get triggered whenever I do something. So when I fast travel to an area, music plays normal. When I then save the game, the music breaks. Or when I enter inventory. Or enter an conversation. Or when I travel across the world.
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