Witcher 3 Next Gen - A sad state of affairs



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Hello, all.

I decided to give another go at Witcher 3 after already having finished it when it came out, as well as during the years on a variety of platforms. It seems I always end up playing it because of disappointment with other open-world games and story-driven games. After I finished Cyberpunk twice, the second time on Geforce Now, enjoying a super incredible graphics experience, I thought I should try the same with W3.

I started playing on GFN Ultimate to enjoy the best possible experience. I also own an LGC3 Oled, so I thought it would be a killer combination.

To my shock, it wasn't. The game, with RTX on, is quite problematic. With RT Ultra there is a lot of stuttering in Novigrad, as well as various other locations here and there.

If I turn on Frame Generation, there is constant stuttering, making this unplayable. Comparing this to CP2077 is like night and day, with the latter game providing a smooth experience with all the possible bells and whistles.

What is going on? And why hasn't been done anything? I know there are topics about it, but I haven't seen much about the GFN version, where we cannot do any changes to config files. So what are we supposed to do?

As it stands, CDPR gives me no way to enjoy the game with the proper next version. I either have to do it in Series X, where it's 30 fps, or use no RT on PC. And the 30 fps are not smooth, like RDR2, but choppy.

Is there any way I can get this game to run smoothly on PC, GFN Ultimate, with RT on?

As a side note, I have connected my Xbox account to GoG, I have cross-progression between SX and Local PC, but the saves do not appear on GFN.

As someone who has been a huge supporter of CDPR since the first Witcher, I find this a truly sad state of affairs.
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