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New patches and old school stuff(help pls)

I remember playing witcher 3 unpatched and so classic made , until i decided to delete my save and restart with the updates.Now the RARITY of items such as master item etc in not shown.Why? Also i was able to parry drowners attack but now i get even a stun?! I found those mechanics quite disturbing and i would like to solve or revert them... any suggestions/solutions?
I could be wrong, but the only way to revert changes on console is probably to install the disc version. But I guess that only works if you can disable all auto updates for games or use the console offline all the time.
As devivre stated above, provided you have the regular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt edition, and not the G.O.T.Y. one.

Disable all auto updates, install the game from the disc, and the DLCs (if you have purchased them).

If suddenly the game update patch procedure kicks in, just cancel it.

After go offline and play the game.

Just keep in mind, you may face a lot of glitches and non correct working quests!