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Night club?

Looking at the Night City sourcebook for CP2020 I see ... umm ... 21 bars in the City Center area alone.
Plus theatres, bowling, sports, resturants, stores, etc. etc. etc.
They showed a bar in the trailer. The one with the pool table. So if they have that, I am sure they have those "nightclubs" as well. It is a typical trope to have in a Cyberpunk game cause it allows for music and showing characters and even have maybe cool missions taking place in them.
If CDPR doesn't add nightclubs in Night city they are not doing their job properly.

But you have seen in the trailer there was a pool hall, so no reason to assume there won't be nightclubs.

I ask CDPR to give the player the possiblity to get a VIP pass and have super-exclusive parties.
Come on now...

No night clubs in a dystopian setting and a city called NIGHT (club) CITY?

It would almost be insulting to not see any of that in the later game. The question should not even be asked :p
All the previews mentioned impressive crowds CDPR is able to pack into Night City, so I hope that with this technology we can have some impressive club scenes in the game, with 100s of people, kitsch-n-punk fashion, lights etc.

Oh. People. Ugh.


Are my uses for Club Scenes.
Hell yeah! John Wick music style in clubs please.
This one too

Also there should be a skill tree dedicated to dancing and when you get max augmentations you can perform the robot dance that blows everyone's mind away.
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Here's what I mentioned in the dream RPG thread-

If the game does have an online MMORPG version-
-Musicians/bands/DJs for example to be guests in the night clubs see Second Life, Anarchy Online.

-Unique Night clubs and bars
.Catered to certain music styles over all or by night.
.Interaction within them- talk with NPCs, motions of drinking(even play games darts or pool). Being able to dance with different styles.