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Request: Leaders' 3D model should be shown when in-game and right-clicking on the leaders

Dear CDPR Team,

Please consider showing the Leaders' 3D model when right-clicking on the leaders when in-game. Right now, we see the Card of the leader. When someone comes with a new leader skin I just want to see how the model is, to enjoy the 3D art. Cards we can always see in our deck-builder. I have been thinking of giving this suggestion/request a long time, but now it has become even more relevant. When creating a deck and when we are going to start the game, we can choose the leader skin/card/board. For all the leaders before CC expansion, we can see the 3D model even if we don't own the skin. But for CC leaders, the option itself is not shown basically restricting us to see how the 3D model will look unless we own it.

So, please considering showing the 3D model of the leaders in-game and there is no need to show the card. The ability-text/description can be in the same screen where we can play with the 3D model. This may even encourage and motivate players to get the leader skins.

Also some of the card art doesn't really fit the 3D Eithne for example. Maybe this isn't their concern at the moment but hopefully they implement something like your suggestion.

I prefer to wait other players to unlock leaders skins, as I do not see the point of looking at the back of my leader all game long:shrug: