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Retro Punk....or, do you remember the old days?

Retro Punk....or, do you remember the old days?

Ok, time for all the old 'punkers to step out of the shadows for just a moment.

Who here remembers the old R.Tal Threaded Forums? Man those were the days... I posted as cycoholic there too.

And while I'm at it, how many of the old CP fan site webmasters do we have here? Myself, ran Cycoholic's Blackspot. Man is that thing soooo out of date. lolz

So step forward and forever hold your piece.

those were the days... are you having fond memories of that free fire zone? i posted there rarely and lurked now and then, VFTE was always my board of choice. the Talsorian boards had practically no moderation, and most of what i recall about it is an epic flame war involving one guy claiming he totally took nuclear artillery shells with him to Iraq part 1 (the 100 hour videogame war, not the nation building one), and retaliation against one of his detractors by outing them as different than what they portrayed online. kinda glad they burned that rat hole to the ground, honestly.
I don't know about fond memories. lol I just hadn't thought about them in ages and for some reason I did think about them just a day or so ago. Made me wonder how many of us on these forums date ourselves back that far. And then I had a lateral step and wondered how many webmasters from the old fan sites are here as well.

But you're right, it was largely unmoderated and 'on the edge'. I think I even remember the flame war you're talking about, but not totally sure. But I do kinda miss the old threaded forums, they seemed to 'flow' better.
But I do kinda miss the old threaded forums, they seemed to 'flow' better.
Yeah, flow all the way down the page to the right and you couldn't see the responses unless you scrolled to the right.

Also, NYTFLYR. He was amusing.
So, rather than start some new post or post off topic in someone else's topic, I thought I'd post it in my last topic. From like 3 years ago! Damn, it's been that long?

Soo much has changed here in that time!! I'm having trouble finding my way around. lol
I was on the old, old boards. I remmber the likes of Wisdom, Hound, and others.

Some people on that board knew a disturbing amount about terminal ballistics...