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Nothing exciting happens :( Still cool to look at though.
photomode_25072021_145542 (2).png
photomode_25072021_145709 (2).png
I don't doubt it, but as you can imagine if I ask the question it is that my platform does not allow me (Series X).
It was a little implied actually, for those who can :)
Well, look on the bright side. I haven't used any mods and I managed to get "out of bounds" with just the game mechanics, so there are still lots of places to explore. I still haven't found a way to the edge of the map or onto the launch island yet, but I will continue trying. Most of the fun is the accomplishment of getting there without using mods.

Stadium View
Stadium View.png

Farther Around the Stadium - Can still see the Arasaka Building

Undersea Reverie from (the top of) the Grand Imperial Mall
Undersea Reverie from Grand Imperial Mall.png

Lion King (err...Queen)
Lion King (err Queen).png

Pretty sure this is a car I flipped, but I am not positive...
Burn Baby Burn.png

Definitely My Fault
Definitely My Fault.png

MAXTAC Ain't Playing Around
MAXTAC Ain't Playing.png

You Know Her, You Love Her...Melissa Rory (Cyberpsycho from first trailer) and What She Sees
Melissa Rory.png

Flame Towers by Docks in Northside
Flame Towers by Docks in Northside.png

Lastly, Arasaka Needs Better Security
Arasaka Needs Better Security.png
The Blue Arch Nazare' should have been a bike option...
Blue Arch Nazare'.png

Even if only because it matches V's hair.

Sky High
White Arch Nazare'.png

The white one would be nice too...

Paying respects at a shrine
The Shrine.png

V & 8ug8ear in Pacifica
V & 8UG8EAR - Pacifica.png

I freely admit this was a game glitch...Nearly ran her over when she was lying in the middle of the road, though at a much later time than her mission (and I am sure we have all seen the stand-up glitch before). I am making an educated guess that she glitched due to me jumping on top of the car that takes 8UG8EAR away which ends up in this location in Pacifica.

Holding Auditions for the Next Jackie (no one passed)

Creepy Fish
Creepy Fish.png

Lots of Fish (Less Creepy)
Lots of Fish (Less Creepy).png

Crouching V, Hidden Corpo
Crouching V, Hidden Corpo.png

Am I the only one reminded of a genie by this shot?

The only decent screenshot I made with the US CRACKS in 5 playthroughs...
US CRACKS - Screenshot.png
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I am impressed, I never made it that far up the ferris wheel. It keeps glitching out and becoming invisible in my game.
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Today is Bike Day.

Found and even better bike match for V, and some clothes for riding it
Arch Nazare' - Blue.png

V is feeling very blue LOL

I found another Demon Bike that I like better than the one you can get.
Arch Nazare' - Purple (Demon).png

I never noticed the smoke coming off my tracks before...
Never Noticed Before - 0.png

Never Noticed Before - 1.png

Never Noticed Before - 2.png

Never Noticed Before - 3.png

V being antisocial - But they wouldn't stop blowing that horn...

Still enjoying Arasaka's Jump Park
Arasaka's Jump Park.png

I Feel the NEED!
I Feel the NEED!.png

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I am impressed, I never made it that far up the ferris wheel. It keeps glitching out and becoming invisible in my game.
Yes in my game too, so that's my view, on the first screenshot.
Looking at my feet, it's showed, but at one point it stays invisible... You need to walk forward praying in Indiana Jones fashion :D
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