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Coincidental Atomic Blonde

Finally reopened the game, actually an old save file from late December 2020 or early January 2021. I'd never used the photo-mode much on those early runs through the game, more interested then in just playing the game. Besides, didn't really master the photo-mode feature till much later. These are from the mission, 'Ex-Factor', I believe. After Judy and V take out Woodman, the creep. Judy doesn't feel all that much better about it, though. If only V could do 'something' to cheer her up. Maybe a triple mocha Latte would do the trick, if that street waif Theo would just hurry up and finish her therapy session!

Note: For some reason the save file opened with some rando's body lying on the floor of the elevator. Collateral damage during the fire fight on the maintenance level perhaps?
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