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Upgraded my PC with new hardware, its minecraft-ready now.
But seriously, I spent two hours just driving around, the difference is huge. And yes, I did my Dino jobs,

Here's V heading to her fight with Buck in Arroyo. Yes, that's her best melee outfit...loaded with mitigation and stamina boosters.

Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot 2023.08.06 -

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Does this remind you of anybody? My rough and ready Nomad girl, no makeup and dreadlocked hair morphed into this when I glammed her up for the Konpeki Plaza Heist. The only alteration I made was adjusting her lips slightly
Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot 2023.08.15 -
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The power of mods comes fully forward when these speeds on the road become a matter of reality.
This is in actual km/h. The vanilla in-game speedometer would have been showing the speed of 626 or such.

NC becomes a tiny town with a car like this.

Screenshot 2023-09-02 19-27-16.jpg

Actually, a still image doesn't do it justice. This is the footage from where the still comes from. It's just practicing for now, I've never driven as part of a race at such speeds before.

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thanks for month of update dlss , ndvia drivers and some improvements
finally i can run the game with my poor rtx 2060 laptop with al RT features enables ( shadow , sunlight , Lightings .. reflections steel heavy hungry 30% less fps xD .. cant handle this one )





off topic
i've tryed on the pc of my friends the RT overdrive mode , indeed color , light 're more accurate but i feel its abit off on the DA of the game ..
the initial game , specially the default lighting was based on RT to keep the best design on visual .
RT overdrive is too realistic , on some aera its really great , but on other its too brigh or too dark .

i hope CDPR keep in mynds on their next game , new technology , realistic render not means always a better looking game .:)
when you keep all your photo , ...^^
1.53-1.6 era patch

more one year.jpeg

the amazing works on community modders
the era of mods.jpeg

the state of the game now with the same PC
2023 yes i saw improvement , both graphics and performance on my potatoe rig xD

2023 without mods 3.jpeg

2023 without mods 2.jpeg

2023 without mods 1.jpeg


more 2 years , even we all wants more improvements / bug fixed , just thanks CDPR to fix their game after their disaster launch ,
i'm a lambda dude , that can cry and critics when the game was out ( to be honest i consider the state of the game at launch was inacceptable )
but i'm also a lambda that can notice , efforts and all workds from dev team to fix their game :)

nb : IA , npc , clipping , they've done some good work on it
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