Should V be the protagonist of Project: Orion? [Spoilers]


Should they?

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Is V's story done?

It's an interesting question because so much of the game was a "Shaggy Dog Story" in the fact that V moves heaven and Earth to be able to save themselves but finds out, at the end, that they've only bought themselves half a year at best. This isn't necessarily definite because Panam maintains hope they can find a cure for V's condition (Nomad), Mr. Blue Eyes seems to indicate they can possibly find a cure ("Don't Fear the Reaper"/"Path of Glory"), and there's two paths where V ends up as an immortal Engram that has an uncertain future but one that can still possibly survive ("Give Up Your Body"/"The Devil").

However, the thing is that James Bond was killed twice by Ian Fleming and Sherlock Holmes ended up surviving Reichebach Falls. There's plenty of interesting ways to potentially continue V's story no matter where it ends, especially when you have an object in your brain designed to record and store memories. So I was curious if you think V should be the protagonist of the sequel and the story to continue like Geralts from video game to video game.

For me?


Why? Because I think with so much build-up for the Crystal Palace heist that it would be a mistake to just switch characters. I want to see more follow up on characters like Panam, Judy, Misty, Vic, River, and others. Just switching now would feel like a waste to me and not be the best way they could continue the story.

What about u?
No, V's story is done (like Johnny's one).
But it would be cool, if you loaded a CP77 save, to have winks about your own V, as Morgan blackhand. Like dialogue lines here and there, a photo in the AfterLife (or in a Nomad camp) or even came accross him/her somewhere in the game during a quest.
No, V's story is done (like Johnny's one).
But it would be cool, if you loaded a CP77 save, to have winks about your own V, as Morgan blackhand. Like dialogue lines here and there, a photo in the AfterLife (or in a Nomad camp) or even came accross him/her somewhere in the game during a quest.
Yes, entirely. I rather dread going into the Afterlife and ordering a "V".

I think that we don't need V in the next game; however, I do want to see more stories explored about plotlines V only tangentially interacted with - especially what's going on with Mr Blue Eyes.

i'd much rather have a new protagonist. V wasn't exactly an amazing character like gerald was. either commit to the new protag having a fleshed out personality and background like gerald or make him/her a blank canvas like in other rpgs. V was kind of the worst of both worlds. you were forced to play as an edgy, wise cracking punk but because of the first person camera and because CDPR tried to make him/her not have a background i couldn't really relate to V.


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Totally agree with you. Of course V’s story isn't done. In all endings V’s fate is unclear. That's not how you kill the protagonist. Also the main goal of the game was to find a cure, leaving V dying no matter what is extremely unsatisfying. I guess, the second expansion originally should have been set in Crystal Palace and by the end of it V would be finally cured (probably with some consequences, Mr. Blue Eyes is definitely not a benevolent benefactor). Now, since the expansion was shut down, I think that story will be used in the prologue of the sequel and lead to the main plotline with rogue AIs and Night Corp. I also agree with you that changing the protagonist would be a serious mistake. And the way I see it, that's not what the devs have planned (hopefully). I mean they presented “Orion” as a sequel to cp2077, sequel - usually a direct continuation of the original story (ofc sometimes there are exceptions), I just don't see how that could be possible without original characters. Anyway, in my opinion, there's just too much left to tell and I'm personally not ready to say goodbye to V and all his/her friends. Hope "Phantom liberty" will give us some hints about the future stories.

Sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker.
I think this all depends on V's ending and the world-state, which Mike & CDPR would possibly have to pick which player choices are canon or find a way to address them, though this may be all worked out in the expansion anyway.

But for me V's story is done, I know everyone is holding out for the Crystal Palace heist or a return from Tucson or Mikoshi, but they seem to imply V's fate quite clearly to me (blaze of glory, etc.) and I think tying another adventure to the same cast would limit the possibilities of the next game somewhat. Night City has many more stories to tell, though references and cameos would be nice.

I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever they'll come up with regardless.
Year ago I would say lets continue V`s story. Right now Ive come to peace with her fate and probably game will benefit more with fresh new character and story.

If they choose V anyway, I will still be very happy to hear more of Cherami.

Mostly, I do hope for another character we can fill with our own background story like in CP2077 for maximum immersion.
I can swing both ways, I wouldn't mind a new character but I also wouldn't mind playing as V again. I do however prefer the character to be a similar design as V at least. Let us pick a backstory or at least let us choose who we want to be; to me that's what makes games feel fun.
Well. Maybe V consciousness continuity went to body or not, but for me she is netrunner and Alt could have a copy of her anyway.
Mean she(he/it) is behind black-wall as evolved as independent AI.
As there are characters like Mr. Blue eyes, who most likely are connected to AI and taking over Night City.
There is lot to be told about implication, including downloading her or more of them to another bodies.
Of course I will like to see new characters as well as old ones;
I do not see the reason that V need to be main character in story, but definitely her story is just a begin for me, and i will be definitely like to find out more what happen next.
Also V interaction with Johnny was interesting part of the current cyberpunk and i see that they both construct now, so they can still interact one way or another, does not matter what happend with her original body.
I'm fine either way.

I was never too attached to V as character, but there's nothing wrong with her either. New character could also be equally interesting option.
Absolutely not. I'm someone who usually wants a story to continue with an original protagonist. Like I hope Shepard will be the main protagonist in the next Mass Effect. But here, in CP2077, no. Having V as the protagonist means there is a chance Johnny Silverhand will be brought up in the narrative in some sort of way. I want a new story with new characters, as far away from V and his story as possible. Playing a character who is part of an actual Merc group, like the anime, would be loads better.
I like V. I liked their story, their relationship with Johnny, and the their voice actors. That said, I agree wiith what others have said: V's character wasn't fleshed out enough to really feel attached in any particular way and the sequel would do better to just make references/easter eggs about V. I think the biggest problem was that while it feels like CDPR was able to capture V's voice and style (i.e. Cyberpunk edgy) there wasn't much character behind them. As Dr. LaBrat said, probably a symptom of balance character freedom v. character study. I don't think it's impossible to have the two together, just need to flesh out more character personality choices, but that is a lot more work and more voice acting.
  • If it is V going to the Crystal Palace, meeting up with Lucy and having some of the characters from the first game tag along? Then I'm on board with V being the main character of the sequel - operating under the assumption that the chip in the head storyline is resolved early on in the sequel. I don't see fixing what is in V's head as a compelling enough story to fuel another game.

    I also say that I only think this works if Crystal Palace is the primary setting of the sequel. If they make it huge, fully flesh it out, etc.

  • If it is forcing V back into Night City for some random reason with Johnny still tagging along in his head? Not a huge fan.
That being said my preference is to stay in Night City as I kind of see Night City as the 'main character' in Cyberpunk in general. So I would prefer a new protagonist, new story, etc.
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