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Do you want more RPGs with happy endings?

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During an interview in 2018, talking about Cyberpunk 2013

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you get a legendary/iconic weapon if you do :ROFLMAO:
I don't want to talk about it))
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nope... Regretfully my run through has been too linear and I have done many side mission too late and too close before act 3.
Oh, i definitelly recommend to save her in the Pickup quest, and then message her after the Heist.
They killed her? WTF, what a waste. /smh

If you play a Corpo, your Corpo can say as a dialogue option, "Speaking as former counterintelligence, cut the bullshit. You're actually going to be executed if I don't deliver this information to you. You're overcompensating because your position is incredibly weak." Meredith's entire attitude changes and she practically begs you to help her.

If you betray her, she's dead.

Its one of the better written Corpo options.
In either case if she is going to be dead in some people's playthrough that means they won't bring her back for anything else. Meh whatever. Hardly the biggest issue with the game I suppose.

Pretty much. A shame because the "freedom" of the game actually hurt the narrative for people who wanted to deal with a better class of clients.

They could substitute Gilcrest but that means recording two sets of dialogue for every bit.
I don't even remember who Gilchrist is. I did like Meredith though. I think her and my V would have had a great adversarial working relationship. With an equal share of sexual tension they had to visit the motel occasionally to relieve. :ROFLMAO:

He's the guy Meredith shoves in the back of the car. If you betray Meredith, he meets you after the defeat of Maelstrom to tell you that Meredith has suffered an "accident" and he has her job now.
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