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Do you want more RPGs with happy endings?

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But if you "side" with Meredith there may be the different possibility of solving that problem?
I think that if you completed Militech quests you would get the peaceful option with them. Like, you call Meredith and entire Militech force guarding the dig dite in nomad ending just watch in other direction, letting you pass.
If you play a Corpo, your Corpo can say as a dialogue option, "Speaking as former counterintelligence, cut the bullshit. You're actually going to be executed if I don't deliver this information to you. You're overcompensating because your position is incredibly weak." Meredith's entire attitude changes and she practically begs you to help her.

If you betray her, she's dead.

Its one of the better written Corpo options.

Played through the beginning quests twice, and twice Meredith ended in some dumpster I guess, or whatever Militech will do to her. Never cared for her, stupid yelling aggressive bitch, always glad I helped that other dude.
Pondsmith talking about 2077, copied via youtube captions so it's not 100% accurate

"it kind of goes to the first act hold the CDP our crew we start working on 2077 which is make it personal cyberpunk is first and foremost not about statement rule that's saving yourself is the threat I've seen in everything that I've ever looked at that I would technically call cyberpunk is that the main protagonists are not the winners they are not the heroes they are not supermen they may have on the side where in the world but it's how they use it there's people out there who are equally capable of taking them down what happens is the technology gives them an edge that's the second thing which is cyberpunk is about how people use technology.

A giving example we were talking about earlier Johnny not the technology sitting around pissed now used to be something that ten years ago you had you want a TV station to do and now instead over here tara is basically running a three point camera set out of a laptop that's amazing because that is technology on a personal level this technology you guys can grab and make your own that's really important usually technology is a top-down thing and people in power habit but any one of you could do a pretty darn good show just using your cell phone and we've seen it happen all the time so if you combine that with personal you combine it with making your own world a better place you've got truth big key elements right there.

The third one is cyberpunk is about inequity it's about power imbalances it's about people who have it and people who are kept from having it that's food that's money that's power that's access and the wave level of that out is again from technology what happens is if you can't get to the newspaper if the TV station won't tell your story you can put together this cheap rig and tell the story you can use this phone doesn't cover the corruption on higher level you have access to tools you have access to weapons and in the cyberpunk that I talked about you have the ability to modify yourself considerably to level that playing field so the corporate lawyers are not quite as scary because well you can tackle the corporate darts so personal technological unequal those are the three big things that every good cyber one thing I've ever seen and this is my opinion"
You know this game is like playing Catch with that friend of yours, when whenever you are about to catch him, he makes up some retarded rules all the time so you would keep chasing.
Or like girl who invent new and new reasons why you should not ruin your friendship with such an obscene things like sex)
I am not a neurobiologist either. I am an humble lab technicia, who researched maybe half an hour.

Suspension of disbelief is not an excuse to write bullshit. I could have swallowed it, if there were not ingame concepts and lore that would contradict the whole situation.

My suspension of disbelief broke when hellman told V that the DNA was rewritten by nanobots and that the bodies were not compatible. Why did my sod break? Because a few minutes before that, Saburo proclamed that be inherited his son's body. A body that is only bald of his DNA. That's actually not very much.

Suspension of disbelief is a deal that involves involves two things. First, the player/reader dies not look too deep into it and second, the writer does not overstretch it.
The plot cancer overstretched it by quite a bit. Not only, because the ingame lore and concepts contradicts the whole situation but because it's the second time the game tells me that I am going to die.
My reaction was along: "really? Again? Oh ffs. It does not even make sense."

Once you start questioning the plot and narrative the dam is broken.

You can write bullshit, as long as the bullshit makes sense.

I agree with this. I can suspend disbelief on BS plot points in 2 hour action flick to laugh at how ridiculous it is. If you are a big studio making a huge game, you should maybe research your main plot point more than just "basic". It doesn't hold up to what we know about modern medicine even. I'm not in the medical field at all but even I went "that really doesn't make any sense."

I'm spending a lot more than two hours and way more investment in a game.
Or like girl who invent new and new reasons why you should not ruin your friendship with such an obscene things like sex)
Okay i'm laughing my ass off right now, I just saw some random youtube clip with twitch streamers chatting, where one uses some sort of vr character, and one of the most upvoted comment was "This character customization is deeper than Cyberpunk’s.. Man, I’m so disappointed.. "

I'm dying.
Honestly, I take the "cyberpunk is about saving yourself not the world" as a statement that he's giving your characters permission to be selfish bastards out to escape the ghetto as their primary motivations (V and Jackie) over stopping Arasaka. The thing is that is only really the motivation for the main quest in ACT I and later the other two Acts. The problem is that saving V is dramatically uninteresting really, IMHO.

Its fine as a motivation but I feel like the other stories like Saving Clouds, Saving the Aldecados, and Saving Randy are all much more interesting.

Maybe I'm playing V wrong but if they can't save the world, at least they can save their friends.
:shrug: What would they even say? In their eyes I imagine getting the game back on consoles asap is a far more pressing issue. Fixing the endings is something that will take time and development. I wouldn't expect to hear anything for a long while. If anything at all, maybe they are happy with the endings.

they should totally plan the re-launch on next gen console, in this state the game is techcnically and narratively broken
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