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[Spoilers] Help with Finding the Golden Chests

Act 2 Ashes of Aedirn Golden Chest location 8/9 (Spoiler Alert) Need help ASAP (Solved)

The first 6
Act 2 Chest 6-9.jpg

The last 2
Act 2 Chest 2-9.jpg
As You see in the Spoiler, i found 8/9 golden chest, need help ASAP (in detail, what to do, who to talk to..., where to dig it) on the last one. i done all stuff in the act. there is nothing else to do but switch to act 3.
P/s: i only found 2 treasure map: Raven's map and Hidden map.
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Nervermind, found it!!!
Go here and talk to the soldier to get the map
Act 2 Chest Last map.jpg

Last chest location
Act 2 Chest Last map 2.jpg
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were you 42/46 secret chests at the end? The very small map before the game ended said 0/4 chests but I never saw a chance to find them.................any help?

On the map twilight of the golden sun! 0/4, but cant find any!!! someone help!
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Does anyone have a map of alll the golden Chests in Angren? I have all chests, just missing 3 from that area...
Guys can you tell me where/how to unlock premium Bomb Heaver and Ivo of Belhoven in Gwent?
These two I missed.
Sorry for posting here but I can't create a new topic because I don't have 10 points (I have 1, no idea how to increase points)
So I finished the campaign, finished all puzzle and battles, got all the chests on each map, except the very last map, 0/4 chests there but I could not find them, searched a lot and there is nothing, might be a bug.

But my main problem is that I miss 3 premium versions of cards in Gwent, Lippy Gudmund, Bomb Heaver and Strays of Spalla. I remember getting Strays of Spalla premium in a chest in Thronebreaker, but it showed an error, that it couldn't contact the servers, but I thought the card will unlock anyway. It did not. And I even restarted the campaign when I reached Mahakam because I made a choice I was not happy with and I thought it's cool, now I can get that card, but the chests provided nothing but in game gold up until I reached Mahakam again, then they gave borders and other cards as usual.

What should I do ? I got all in game chests, only missed those 4 in the last map, completed all puzzles and battles.
Btw amazing game, I can't wait for the next Gwent singleplayer campaign.
Lippy Gudmund - ACT 1 , you can't punish the skellige pirates.
Strays of Spalla - ACT 1 , you can't kill the wounded soldier in the tent (the tent is really close to the point when you finish the tutorial)

Tell me where can I find Ivo premium :)
Ivo you can find in the last major map, Rivia, in a buried chest next to a small watchtower if I remember correctly, but still you must find the map first, don't remember where I got it, exhaust all npc dialogue bubbles and you might find it there.

And thanks for those answers, now just need to know where can I get the Bomb Heaver.

Edit: I think my games is bugged, I didn't punish the raiders and let that wounded soldier live and I didn't get any card, guess I should open a ticket.
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I've got a silly question. I've got malcolm's map (first act), but I just can't find where it is. Anyone who could tell me?
Last Act: Twilight of the golden sun
Twilight of the golden sun.jpg

Chest quantity:
Twilight of the golden sun - Chest.jpg
As you see, the map is small, not thing much to do, and there a 4 chests to collect, and i can't find a single one (talk to all NPC no treasure map given, found no chests on land) don't know what to do. need help!!!
P/s: 4 chest missing happen to everyone, so a bug maybe.
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the last one is bugged aye
and about time a glossier for the list of spy documents, I take it that needs one peculiar choice driven playthrough
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I have 8/9 chests in Angern and I've no clue where the last one is. I suspect it's in the area circled in blue that I have no idea how to access. Anyone know?

Talk to the guy at the dock and you will be there, but no chest there :D
Yeah, I found that out about 5 seconds after my post. I'm missing two chests, one in Aedirn and one in Angern. I'm positive one of those has the animated Xavier card for Gwent.

BTW - WTF Xavier, I really liked your character! Total shock.
BTW - WTF Xavier, I really liked your character! Total shock.
Yeah, didn't see that coming aye !!!

About the chest, you should talk to every one, explore map part by part, do not run randomly so you'll not miss some NPC that happen to have the map.
I miss 1 NPC in the map: Ashes of Aedirn and have to run the whole map from the beginning.
I am having trouble finding chests in Lyria... Several of the chests that are listed on IGN do not exist on my map. What's up? I've found 4/10, but all the other sites are empty!