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ST buff archtype needs a huge "buff"



ST buff archtype needs a huge "buff"

Since the new patch came out, i played around 270 games with Spell Buff archtype (due to new bronze card was introduced) on my both accounts, trying all possible builds and came to the fact that this archtype is not really good due to most of ST bronze cards are really weak.
Vrihedd Dragoon becames the only wincondition for Rounds 2-3 and if they got shutdown, you instantly lose the game. To make them a bit more healthier, we have to play Quen (even via Ithline), which is super weak and low-tempo play, makes lost coinflips even worse. For example, other Bronzes in different factions are viable without Quen.

Let's just take Dragoon for example, and compare it to Temerian Drummer, which is, actually already a weak card, and no one plays it on high ranks:
Drummer is same 7-power, and gives you same 1 power per turn. Thing is... He gives it on board, giving you tempo unlike Dragoon which is buffing random cards in your hand.
Same goes with Hawker Support which is a super weak 6-power turn and 9 power overall, it's not even close to other bronze card's power.

So here are my possible solutions to this problem for the start:
1) Dragoon gives you 2 random power per turn
Dragon is agile, 8-9 power (it will make him playable without Quen, since he is not gonna die to a simple thunder or Round 1 Lugos on a bronze card)
Dragoon is 6 power, buffs 1 random unit in hand and 1 random unit on board per turn.

2) Hawker Support is agile, 7 power, have such an effect: When played out of Hand, buff a unit in your Hand by 3. If Is survived next turn after you played it out of hand, give additonal 3 power to a unit in your hand in the end of your turn. So, its maximum of 7 power on board and 6 with buffs. Also, it would still be vulnerable to Muzzle and give this 3 power to a opponent player that played Muzzle.


Boring and not creative way to improve a card - Agile, 8 power, buffs unit in hand by 4.

This would create cool openings from this archtype:
Turn 1 Hawker to buff something in hand, Turn 2 - Farseer, and it's instantly getting buffed by 2 if your Hawker survived and buffed something in your hand.

Another possible solution: Iorveth buffs ALL the elfs in your DECK, not just hand, but i think it could create some problems with RNG-affection, since getting or not getting this card into your starting hand would have a big impact on the outcome of a match.

What these solutions achieve? Some solutions gives you a way not to play Quen, Hawker buff give you a way not to instantly lose with losing last Dragoon (right now they are not match Dragoon value unless its a short round). Hope you like it!
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4RM3D;n9808141 said:
Certain archetypes do have a slower tempo build up. Usually they compensate it by having something extra, like a stronger finisher, which is what the buff archetype has. You'll have to be careful with adding even more buffs. I've also explained the challenge Gwent is facing now, here:
Just LUL.
Spy NG opens fast, has 40-power plays in 2 cards and It also has super strong finishers without any boosting needed. Same goes for spam NR.
Your text is like a theory, but same as every theory, it ignores some points. For example, some count boosts for the new ST brozne as x2 power, since it also damages. But they forget that at some point, it loses it's x2 power, since your opponents may play a lot of small minions instad of a big one.

So my suggestion is to boost this archtype to match these decks. Sure, it would be ok to nerf all other decks, but i tihnk, its harder than boosting existing decks.
Not by just boosting boring numbers, but by changing some simple cards into smth more interesting and situational.


The only changed I'd like is giving agility to Dragoons and H.Supports. I really can't see the reason to keep them locked while almost everything else is agile.


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Not to say H. Supports are a sharp 9 STR Bronzes in a meta filled with 11+ ones.


partci;n9808741 said:

Not to say H. Supports are a sharp 9 STR Bronzes in a meta filled with 11+ ones.
Yes you right. And it's not like a 9-power. It's a 9-power only via 2 turns, so it's even weaker (or situational) than raw 9 power.


Tiger_Eye;n9809161 said:
And what about swordmaster? 28 power bronze in round three seems like a pretty good finisher to me.
28-power? Its impossible in a REAL game, but if you got really big master, you made A LOT of sacrifaces to make it happen, and its till not gonna get full value, since you have to kill huge minion as well.


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Hawker Support
Strength: 6
Deploy: Boost two units in your hand by 2.

So that it's on par with other bronzes

Vrihedd Dragoon
Strength: 9
Deploy: Boost a unit in your hand by 3.

I dislike the fact that this card doesn't have a deploy ability.


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They would be to similar.

Personally I think a cool start would be to give Dragoon the 1 point as a deploy and then repeat that every turn.

Support could get deploy 3 as now plus a boost 2 once next turn. This way it gives more potential value with the option to shut down.