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Sweers damage count not working

Currently, Sweers damage count when cards are revealed is sometimes not visible. I will have Sweers on hand and use units that reveal cards but the damage count does not appear until you play it. Pretty much guessing damage unless you keep count.

It is an intermittent issue. Sometimes the damage count appears, other times it won't.
So after the latest update, when I'm revealing cards with Sweers in my hand, the number for his deploy damage doesn't change. If he's in a deck, he will correctly count reveals until I get him in my hand. When I play him, he works as he should and after deploy states correct deploy damage. This happens in casual and ranked, in practice everything is fine.

You guys have the same problem?
I wonder when are they going to fix it. It's been a long time and it's kinda annoying that i have to count the damage myself every single game.
Hi, I’m on PS4 and I’ve been using Sweers in my Nilfgaard deck (damage 1 + 1 for each card revealed before played) and it’s not showing the accumulated damage points when I play it - it always just says [1]... I’ve been counting myself and trying to keep track, but I’ve been wrong a few times in critical moments and have lost matches because of it. Wondering if it’s a problem other people have had or if it’s on a list of things to fix or not? Thank you.
This should have been fixed in the latest patch:
Fixed an issue whereby stack counters for the abilities of Ardal aep Dahy, Sweers, Sihil, Whispess, Brewess, and Weavess did not appear correctly.
Are you encountering the issue with the latest game version?

Edit: It's fixed in my game.
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