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To bluff or not to bluff

Gwent is unlike other CCG (for better or worse). The lack of mana/lands creates a different course of the game. There is, however, another consequence of the lack of mana, which is often not talked about:


The one thing I do miss in Gwent. Yes, there are still a few ways you can bluff, like pinging and aligning enemies, tricking your opponent into thinking you have Scorch/Regis to force him/her to pass (or to over-commit). But I think there are not enough ways to signal to your opponent other means of bluffing. In Magic the Gathering, for example, you have mana. When you save mana (especially with blue or red decks) you can leave the opponent to wonder whether or not you're holding something behind to counter play.

In what other ways have you used situations to bluff or what kind of mechanics would you like to see to enable bluffing?
Bluffing is fun, i remember one time i play SK Crach Wild Board-Wolfsbane, my hand is just full of damage deal card and i just ping all my opponent Units into odd power to make him think i have WB (but i'm not), after a few turn he pass EZ R1 :))

I just started playing MTG Arena a few day after HC kicked in, Kinda like it, those blue counter kinda annoying tbh, weird thing is: in MTG Arena there are many broken combo but nearly no-one demand a balance.
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Yesterday, opponent had two 13pt units on front row. I only had a 2 damaging unit,, but i put the cursor on them, then went to damage another, lower unit.

Opponent was Crach, used his 1-ping to damage his own units, so it was 12-13... Its the little things that gives us the most satisfaction sometimes.