Tower Full of Mice Quest Bug

Within the Tower Full of Mice quest a bug that prevents both manual and quick-saving, as well as preforming other in-game actions such as meditating can occur. Head to the island, and progress up the tower and speak with Anabelle. Call her out on her lies and refuse to help, triggering the pesta fight, follow her down the tower to the outside. Once the fight begins outside head to the fast travel sign and warp to the village where Graham is. At this point the player is stuck in a state where the combat music will constantly play and will be unable to manual or quick-save. The player can still progress and finish the quest with taking Graham back to the island to reunite with Anabelle. However, even after turning the quest in with Keira the player will be stuck where the game still thinks they are in combat. Fast travelling to another area or attempting to enter and exit a new combat instance will not cause combat to end, nor will heading back to the island. Whilst the player is not able to manual or quick-save, the games auto-save function will still save despite being in combat and by reloading an auto-save after having triggered the pesta fight will one return the game to it's normal state.
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