Unexpected method *accidentally* SIGNIFICANTLY improved my performance. (PC, Next-Gen ed.)




OK, for serious now... :


This has honestly helped me so much, that it's almost like I'm imagining things...

...although I CLEARLY am not...

In fact, it is so helpful, awesome, and downright AMAZING,

that I shall actually request permission from the Mods to duplicate-post this thread in other W3-related sub-boards, if possible?

I just sincerely think that this "method" (lol) here really DOES HAVE the potential of helping people !! :)

And, also, it should REALLY be treated as... A PRETTY HUGE BUG.


Before we start, first things first:

1) No, I'm NOT using ANY mods.

2) No, I haven't done, or even TRIED any OTHER "DYI"-style attempts at fixing the performance issues.
There's plenty suggestions for various hardware/software tweaks that "allegedly" improve performance.
Some are found here in these forums, others -- on other forums, and the most are found on YouTube.
MY way I haven't seen proposed anywhere. :p

3) I'm playing through the DX11 version of the .exe.
idk about whether this would help you with the DX12 version of the game...

4) On PC. "Next-Gen" ed.

5) I don't view this "fix" as a "REAL" solution to the game's performance problems. It only "improves" things, and only slightly too.

6) If you have a short attention span and/or patience, you can skip to the TL;DR at the end of the post.


Without further ado, let's finally get to it, shall we ??

Ever since the Next-Gen edition released, I've been having severe issues with performance. EVERYONE HAS.

My immediate course of action was to, of course, drastically reduce various graphics settings from the Game's Options menu.
This did SEEM to help, although it was weird, in two ways:
1) I honestly didn't witness THAT much change in the in-game's environments / people's / whatever appearance.
2) The improvement in FPS was minimal at best, even if I went from High all the way down to LOW, on some settings. (experimenting a lot, etc...)

This all wasn't too satisfactory, but I honestly don't wish to bother with mods, or any "high-tech-savvy" hardware/software solutions,
so I decided I'd rather settle for this kinda-OK configuration right now and count down the months until CDPR finally emit the Patch that fixes this entire mess.

That's when an "accident" happened that entirely changed things for me for the better, and PERMANENTLY...


Before I actually get to it, let me clarify something:

I've always played The Witcher 3 exclusively in Full-Screen display mode, both pre-4.00 and after the Next-Gen ed. patch.
This is for two main reasons:
1) I find that this is the best way to experience the game's visuals
2) I find that this Display Mode produces THE BEST performance for my PC, easily beating the other 2 display modes. (Windowed and Borderless Window)


With that out of the way, here's finally WHAT happened that actually helped somewhat fix my issues and problematic performance:

I frequently Alt-Tab out of my game to either check something online (i.e. watch a video on YouTube), OR to change the song I'm playing, etc...
I do that A LOT.

This one time, when tabbing back INTO the game, its display mode was somehow changed into that of a WINDOW.
This had happened on a few occasions in the past, I don't know why or how.
I tried simply alt-tabbing out of the game, AND then INTO it again, as that's what's always worked for me previously, to bring the game back to Full Screen.
I don't know why or HOW... and I don't believe it's happened ever again, since or prior... but THIS TIME it DIDN'T work...

I was on the verge of exiting the game, and re-launching it, but then I decided to do the following instead:
Go to the Display settings (in-game) and change the Display mode to Windowed / Borderless Window (forgot which one exactly...) , and then BACK to Full Screen.

This WORKED... the Game did revert back to its Default (and MY Preferred) mode of Display -- Full Screen.




Over the course of the following 5 minutes, I started to notice THREE significant events:
1) The roar from my CPU and GPU from my computer case had started to slowly quiet down and eventually dissipate.
2) The FPS had gradually risen to a stable and acceptable value.
3) Some of the game's textures had become less discernible and more pixelated -- i.e. their visual quality had been reduced.



TL;DR: MOST of the settings within the game's Graphics options DON'T actually take effect immediately...

...they DON'T take effect even after restarting the game...


They ONLY take effect if you change/switch/revert the game's full/window screen display mode !!!




THERE you have it !!


I strongly believe that this seems to be the cause for MOST people's problems --
-- that the game itself is NOT adjusting their graphics settings correctly, on time, and as expected !!!
And they are playing it with the false belief that they are on LOWER settings THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE !!!


P.S. This doesn't mean that what I am proposing is a "fix" to the mess that CDPR left us with with their "Next-Gen" update.
It's only a minor improvement to the performance, while we count the months until the Patch that fixes it all finally arrives! :)

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Guys, you DO realize that I am 100% truthful, honest, and with the most sincere intentions of helping YOU too ... right? :S


You're probably thinking that I must be trolling or something...


SAD. :/


No problem! Cheers! :)

It's weird, really... Like... why/how/ WHAT the fuck? :O :O

Neither do i have any idea how and why does it work like that, but i remember clearly that the screen setting even from v1.31 was bugged like this, it would constantly switch to windowed borderless after alt tabbing, and graphic settings would not save properly, although it did not hit the performance as much as it does now.
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