I realised we did not have a thread about this excellent game yet, so I decided to create one. I am interested to see how many Vikings we may have around here.

I personally am completely in love with the game, even though it is not even complete yet. It offers tons of freedom, heaps of fun, and countless but hilarious ways to perish. Building is a huge part, exploration another.

Here is an example of the fun I've had in the game with deer friends:

Feel free to share experiences, thoughts, or other comments. Watch out for the necks, though; they may sing, but they are not particularly friendly.
Not a bad game, sure enough. Many, many thanks to @SigilFey for putting us onto it!

Overall, it's jolly fun, especially with friends. The potentials for building are quite impressive, the scenery can pleasantly surprise you, sometimes, and -- if you're not careful -- tragedy can easily turn to comedy rather swiftly.

I have a few nitpicks about the 'Viking' aesthetics of the arms and armour, but I'll let those pass. My foremost criticism, though, is the rather arbitrary and static skill system, which could really use a more dynamic and flexible design, to help make using different gear worthwhile. As is, light armour and knives win, without any significant drawbacks, making the other sets clumsily inferior. This could be vastly improved.

Apart from that, if you're seeking hours of adventure in a wide world, filled with peril and possibilities, welcome aboard the longship -- once you can craft one, that is.
Ah, Valheim... Loving the game and hating the trolls!

We have played this few times now and I still love the game. I spent quite numerous hours with creative mode too, but actual gameplay is also fun. Specificly with friends. I need a brave warrior(s) to keep me alive when I do the decorating and gardening thingies :coolstory:

Actual map being different every time is something that was really impressive. And still is. That way exploration stays fresh no matter how many times you play. Always new places to find. And some of those are indeed beautiful. I also like the fact that you can move your own character between different servers without any issues.

Currently I'm waiting for the Mistlands update so that we can start another fresh game = )
Feel free to share experiences, thoughts, or other comments. Watch out for the necks, though; they may sing, but they are not particularly friendly.

Finally managed to get few screenshots from the other PC. So the story goes...

Me and my boyfriend were playing Valheim a LOT at some point. It also started to become a habit, that when my boyfriend went afk for like 5 mins, "Forest started moving". Or something even worse.

I had made a beautiful beach house for us and because of reasons above, I also fenced the whole area. Now we had safe place for our boars, boats and buildings. One day my boyfriend went afk again for a moment, and right at that instant "Forest is moving". I had just eaten something crappy for gardening stamina instead of health, so I wasn't able to eat any HP food (this was before puke berries). There I was in the middle of grumpy trolls, all alone. Things got even more fun when I realized that trolls were able to reach our boar pen behind the high (wooden) fence and were smashing that to million pieces. We had several three star boars in that pen and those were very difficult to find in that area, so I rushed there and tried to sacrifice myself for saving the boars, but I was too late.

All boars died and I escaped back inside the fenced area, only to realize that trolls are smart enough to go around the end of the fence which was at the shore. Somewhat close to that point was also our main building. Troll completely ignored me and started to smashbash our main building. It broke half of the big house, beds, storage chests, portals... I'm not sure did I cry or scream. Total disaster.

Ever since then the almost first thing I do when building a base, is to build huge and HIGH stone wall around it. And place the animals, crops and buildings far enough form it, in the middle of the area. No more trolling at our property! I think @SigilFey may have laughed and called it the "wall of China" when he saw it first time. But yes, there is a reason for that mighty wall! I also make the wall ends to go as far from the shore as possible. So far it has worked. We have survived several attacks (plains next door) and base is still untouched.



Still those "AFK attacks" happen so often, that nowadays we also park ourselves somewhere far away from the main camp if we have to leave the PC for a moment. If there is only one character at the main camp, it seems to help a lot (won't completely stop the attacks, though).
Mistlands is still coming at some point this year, according to the developers, and I can't wait.

For now, however, a fresh character in a fresh world. Found a scenic spot for my Meadows base; a western shore (= sunsets viewable), and it's a short distance from the world spawn. The Black Forest nearby has at least one copper deposit and crypt.

I'm happy with how the house turned out.
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