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Weekly Poll 2/11/19 - Street Cred Pt II: Getting it!


How should we gain and/or lose Street Cred in 2077?

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2 because I'd like to have street cred as the only progression system together with money (both to get better gear and cyberware)

5 is confirmed by the demo, so 6 as well for consistency to the idea.

9 because if they work as an indicator of how "famous" you are, then the only ways to lose it is doing no "cool" activities for a long time (and I don't think CP2077 will be a game where you can do "boring" things) or failing missions (which would be cool, but I'm not sure we'll be able to fail missions "properly").

Maybe it would be nice to get variable street creds on the basis of how many objectives we complete in a quest. i.e. You need to save the girl in the bath tub AND kill all the scavs. If the boss runs away you fail one objective and you get less points, but since I know players, people would just reload instead of accepting it. I'd prefer real consequences with the boss attacking you backin a future mission or stuff like that.

I don't like 3 at all because I don't like being judge by the game for my actions. I don't want it to tell how I should play.
I'm partial to situational cred, although it would likely be a more difficult thing to implement on the back end compared to a simple accumulation via progression.
Situational makes sense. Show up in a rough area dressed like up-town high life, and it might be impressive, but, it closes doors and paints a target of opportunity on your back. Making that kind of mechanic work effectively without being buggy might be a bigger chore than it's worth, but, from a story telling perspective it'd force the player to adapt to their environment, and think about where they are, or where they're going, and dress for the occasion. Showing up in heavy armor, with half a ton of weapons strapped to your body at a high society gala isn't going to make any friends.
Such extremes stretch how believable certain potential stories might play out in specific locations.
2, 5, 7, 8. I think completing missions should be the first (and biggest) thing that adds to it. What you've done is the quickest way to get recognized. I think clothing should be a second (and less significant) way to effect street cred. And I like the idea that different groups are influenced by different things. I don't think you need a ton of categories. But corporates, rockerboys, boostergangs, and etc are all going to have very different views on fashion. If it doesn't effect one's "street cred" it should at least effect dialogue.

And I do think you should be able to lose street cred. I'd like it if a game gave you a soft cap on some quests, that incentiveizes completing them in a timely manner. Get distracted and don't do it quick. Get less street cred or something like that. I also think completing quests in a way not recommended (i.e. kill the person they tell you not to) results in less cred, or even none. Messing up stuff really bad could result in loss of street cred. I would like a system like that.
2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

I don't like the idea of "the more kills the better", nor am I a fan of "cool" moves increasing street cred. (If jumping off high places increased street cred, mine would skyrocket because I love doing that :ROFLMAO:)

Missions and mission-style goals awarding street cred sounds logical, since I think street cred is supposed to be an indicator of how much of a name you've made for yourself.
Clothing, weapons, and gear should affect it as well. Style is important, right?

7 and 8 simply make sense. Especially 8.
Not really sure about others, but 7 for sure.

And with that in mind, 10 too. I’m not really fond of a single global ”renowned” meter (that, if memory serves, is also tied to game-progression).
First i want to make clear what my take on "street cred" is. Well as the name street credibility implies and from what i could gather from the demo and other official sources, it's the way you are seen by "the street" aka fixers, gangs and corps in relation to your ability to "get things done". High credibility implies greater trust in your abilities thus higher profile missions available and fame across the people looking to hire someone of your particular... talents. With that in mind let's move on to the poll;

(1) and (3) I see this more as a means to an end rather than a goal in itself in relation to your credibility as a mercenary. A combat oriented Solo would no doubt have a higher kill count than a Techie, and a Netrunner would undoubtedly achieve it's objectives often unseen or undetected by enemy enforcers, thus avoiding unnecesary/unwanted combat encounters. However as long as the objective is completed the recompense would be awarded and street cred as well.

✓ (2) it's not only desirable it's only logical that your credibility is directly linked to the number of completed contracts.

✓ (4) This might be a good idea if only to add a bit of ... flavor to the progression and even increase replayability . You can definitely say that doing things with style can have a positive affect on your reputation. How exactly it should work is pretty much up for discussion.

✓ (5) This is pretty much a given at this point (though i personally would not vote for it otherwise). And i guess it serves the "style over substance" angle fairly well..

✓ (6) Yes, undoubtedly. i'd take a well equipped specialist over a poorly equipped one any day. And presumably the good stuff is not easy to obtain, so all the more reason to believe he knows what he's doing thus contributing to his credibility.

(7) Make the clothes bonus not applicable in those zones. Cred is Cred no matter where you are.. you can always "get shit done"

(8) It's a dog eat dog out there. Lying and stealing is Street Rookie 101 and it could serve your reputation with the more.. unsavory types, so with a lack of a multi-variable rep or cred system, no, i don't think you should lose street cred for stuff like this, relationships.. definitely.

(9) Should be able to lose cred when you fail to meet contract requirements. That's up to CDPR on how to make it interesting and not make the player instantly want to reload.

(10) I wouldn't have bothered with writing this if i wasn't. Long post are not my cup o'tea.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.


2,4,5 and 6
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2 & 8

I considered some others then I started thinking about "real" Street Cred.

As a former cop I've delt with, and had my own, "Street Cred". You get known for what you've done, good, and bad; but not the little details. "Chuckles robbed a bank." How much money s/he got is rarely mentioned. A distinctive "look" also helps (for the Dark Side, we cop types sorta look all the same, uniforms and all).
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I simply vote for 2 .

7 Should be how intimidating V looks not how vulnerable V looks .

8 I think the hard thing is not all groups will agree with what`s " uncool " . Telling lies is prob okay in the Corpo world and stealing is okay with the gangs . Is the morality we have today the same in NC ? I am for losing street cred but it would help to know the rules first .
I like the idea of doing spectacular things giving you street cred because think if you did insane flip in the air with your while still killing bad guys in the opposite car and then landing perfectly people would respect.

It would make the gamers experiment with the game's mechanics and push it to its limits. Look at games like just cause and Gta where the only limit of what gamers can do it is their imagination.

So doing insane things like that to build up street cred makes. Not to mention it would be amazing if npcs spoke the insane things you like "That guy over there beat up 20 dudes with his bare fists and didn't get hit once."