What could be the new IP? What would you like to see?

CDPR mentioned developing a new IP.

Personally, I think Witcher and CP cover medieval fantasy and near-future realistic sci-fi, and I can imagine the new IP to be:
- distant-future sci-fi (spaceships, hyperspace, planets, aliens,...) - eventually something like Star Wars
- some sort of a high-level fantasy (multiple universes and traveling between them, unique monsters, many races, powerful artifacts,...) - somewhat similar to Witcher, LotR,...

What do you think it could be?
What would you like to see?
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I'd definitely be down for traveling the stars and meeting bizarre looking aliens. I definitely don't want a generic looking blue/green human, UNLESS theses a reason as to why they look like us.

Maybe something like how that one theory about Asari from Mass Effect only look like the species that's viewing them (pic related)


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1. I would hope something that's not open world. It would be nice to see them tackle linear storytelling in the vein of Lou 1&2 where they can focus on storytelling and less on a vast open world.

2. Cyberpunk is already a sub genre of scifi so I don't need a similar IP. Maybe something that's more in a current day setting. Witchers inspiration is historical and Cyberpunk 2077 is in the future so a present day story that's a bit more grounded would be interesting.
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Hard Sci-Fi like Raised By Wolves with a gripping plot, fascinating lore and preset third person PC, open world and Action RPG gameplay
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As long as it has wizards and dragons in it, I'm happy :cool:And as long as it's RPG or ARPG.

Until Dawn kinda game?
Lego Witcher? (Haha, a joke! Or was it?)
Cyberpunk survival with optional co-op?

Sports and space do not get my grace.
Some gothic horror lovecraftian stuff.
Oh, they should make a game about Bob Ross fighting demons and stuff, like in that one episode of Creepshow.:coolstory:
"I'm gonna beat the devil out of you!"
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Something with story would bring them more glory.
Solo content for certain should be behind the curtain.
I've no interest in shooting, but I can enjoy looting.
Like my colleague above, space or sports I don't love.

Vampires, zombies, are overused, boring,
and usually indicate mindless goring.

Sci-fi for me is of no real interest,
in such a world I'd not be a guest.

Horror's a genre I for sure would not play;
there is enough of it in their games today.

Fantasy is what I hope they will unveil,
in their hands very unlikely to fail.

Done from scratch means an IP that's unique,
and I hope it helps them reach a new peak.
Something Saints Row-ish.
If there's a studio that would do well with this style, it's probably CDPR.

Something Manifest-ish (tv show) would be nice.

The Blacklist (tv show) as a game would be godlike.
Funcom created a really interesting IP with The Secret World. Unfortunately the gameplay wasn't that great and the skill animations were incredibly lackluster in my opinion. When I heard that they're working on a brand new IP I couldn't help but wonder what kind of game The Secret World could've been if the IP had belonged to CDPR.
Personally, I want them to try something that's out of their comfort zone.

Kind of like Creative Assembly did. All they were known for is the Total War franchise. Then they knocked it out of the park with Alien: Isolation. I'd love to see CDPR go for something we'd never expect of them.
"In this new immersive sim game, play through the life of a CDPR developer in the days following the release of Cyberpunk 2077."

(Modern day horror!) :)

I think sci-fi future spaceships, but there's so much it could be.

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